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Cons of snipping tongue tie?

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Hello, my babe is 4 days old and today at the ped's office she suggested that I consider having my daughters tongue snipped as it was slightly limited and I have some painful latch issues.

I just got out of a four day stay at the hospital because of postpartum complications where I was able to meet with the hospital lactation consultants every day (so helpful!). Babe has a really painful latch, as she doesn't draw the nipple far enough back into her mouth. The LC set me up with a nipple shield which has solved the pain problem for me and hasn't caused any issues with my supply. Truth is I don't want to be tied to the nipple shield forever, it's a pain in the ass to use.

My ped made the surgery sound like no big deal but I wanted to get the weigh in about what I should be considering about making this choice. Any pro, cons? WWYD? Thanks!
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My babe went with tounge tie undiscovered for 8 weeks. I was in so much pain. Cutting the tie saved our nursing realtionship. He hated the shield and started to have transfer issues.

I am pregnant again and if this babe has even a hint of a tie I will get it cut immediately.

It took literally seconds for the ENT to do the clip and we saw an improvement immediately and were off the shield 3 days later. He is 2 and still nurses.

I really didn't see any cons to having it cut. ENT also said he looked so tight that if we didn't clip as an infant and he developed speech problems later, it would be a lot more complicated.

Hope you come to the best decision.
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Clipping my son's TT didn't totally solve our BF problems but I thought it was worth a shot and I don't regret doing it. It was really no big deal. He cried less than he did for diaper changes as a newborn and was nursing 30 seconds later.
The ped said that even if clipping didn't help his nursing, it could prevent speech and dental problems later.
I would do it - I've read that the shield could really affect your supply. Has anyone suggested pumping after feeds?
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I have had it done for the 5 out of 7 children. Two of them didn't have issues. You will never be rid of the nipple shield if you don't have it done. It takes two seconds to clip and mine always cried worse getting their clothes changed. There usually is little or no blood either.
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We had our son's TT clipped at three weeks, because I was in a lot of pain. It took a few more weeks for my pain to decrease, because he had to relearn how to nurse using his "new" tongue. Also, I think it just took a while for my nipples to heal due to the damage caused by his poor latch/suck before the procedure.

I was nervous and really drilled my ped for info, and she couldn't give me any reason not to get it done. Like the PPs said, there's a decent chance that a true TT can cause speech problems later on, and a frenectomy in an older child is much more complicated and will probably require general anethesia. My son's TT was obvious, the very tip of his tongue was connected to the floor of his mouth, making his tongue heart-shaped when he cried. Now, it looks totally normal, and you'd never know there used to be a frenulum there. The mouth heals so quickly.

IMO, it's definitely worth getting it done, and if it is causing you latch pain, the sooner the better. It hardly seemed to bother our baby at all - he cried when the doctor held his head, but the actual snip didn't seem to cause him any pain. He nursed immediately afterward and we were sent on our way.

Good luck!
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i don't regret having it done, as it was super simple. but i do wonder if some of his gassiness issues came from swallowing lots of air b/c he sucked so vigorously, even after it was done. i don't think it is necessary, as most of them resolve on their own, but some don't and it isn't risky, so i thought, why not? i was painful for about 5 weeks, but it was worth it, breastfeeding is one of the most wonderful experiences of my life!
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In case you're curious to see the procedure done, there's a video of it on http://www.drjacknewman.com/ under Video Clips, look for Tongue Tie Release. I felt I had a better understanding of the procedure after viewing this. HTH!
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I, too, owe my nursing relationship to clipping my daughter's tongue tie, no doubt about it. So worth it.
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I haven't heard any downsides to it. I did not do it. I really felt against it and it was *literally* a last minute thing that we got the magic latch right before walking out the door to the appointment. She had a really tight tie and either it stretched, she grew, we figured it out...I don't know. But we are going on almost 16 months now without an issue.

If you are at 4 days and already in pain, I would definitely consider it.
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We had DS2's clipped at about 2 weeks old. it was super quick and easy and he didn't cry for very long. DH's mom didn't have his clipped and he'll get a sore, tired tongue if he talks a lot. He is actually going to have it done in a few weeks.
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Any news, Mama?
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