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S/O - Singulair and Behavior

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Wow. I had heard about the suicide/depression aspects with Singulair but never looked into how it might affect my son's anxiety and sensory issues.

My question for those of you who noticed issues with Singulair and discontinued it - how long did it take before you noticed a the behavioral effects went away?
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Lurking, lurking!

We're not noticing any effects yet, but I want to know what to expect in case we do and we have to discontinue the med...
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Pulmicort, not so much Singulair, brings emotional havoc to my pretty emotionally steady guy. He weeps, truly, and just feels overwrought. I feel very frustrated sometimes by the not so helpful advice of those who don't understand that we can't tweak the dosage, or take him off of it on a whim. Everything evens out shortly after he is off it, thank goodness.
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My spd with some anxiety guy was on singulair around 3-4 (for over a year, fuzzy on the details).

We discontinued to rule it out for the behaviour issues (he looked ADHD, strong SPD stuff), and didn't notice a difference. For him, it was a developmental stage.

Where we noticed behaviour was when he was getting a lot of the other puffers. I think it was the mix, while he could manage the singulair on it's own. The singulair kept him healthy and out of hospital a lot as his reactive airways were usually viral induced.

And on a positive note, he appears to have entirely outgrown it, after a number of hospitalizations and scary early years - he's been med free for almost 2 years!!
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O geez. We use Pulmocort and Singulair. I don't think either one of them is an issue by itself, but given my son's predilection toward anxiety... I need to start thinking about balancing asthma/cough with anxiety/sensory issues.
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Wow. My twins are nearing 26 months and like 24 and a half of those months have been on Pulmicort and Singulair...makes me wonder what they'd be like without them. Hope we get to find out someday soon.
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My daughter's depression/talk of death stopped within a week. Her anxiety is gradually getting better and she's been off of it for 13 months.
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