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Steckley, check out Lonnie Morris of the NJ Child Birth Center. She had a freestanding birth center in NJ for 30+ years (my DH and ODD were both born there), until rising insurance costs forced her to close. She now delivers out of Mountainside and I've heard great things about the hospital. She's been recognized over and over again as an innovator in midwifery care. She does have one of those very straight forward love her or hate her personalities but I thought she was great and I've never heard her care faulted. She's also working with another midwife (blanking on the name) that a friend of mine raves over. She'll also be MUCH closer than Hackettstown for you which would be well over an hour drive from Edgewater.

There is also Dr. Dicker who delivers out of Valley hospital. That's actually who I'm seeing after using Lonnie for #2 and a homebirth for #3 due to insurance changes and not being able to afford out of pocket for another homebirth. Dr. Dicker has two midwives who work with him, Cris Giambalvo and a new one I haven't met yet but I'm excited to because a local doula friend has said she's great a births.