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Plum juice

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Like many of you, I've been more than a little "stuck" lately, if you know what I mean. In the last couple of weeks, I have been happy to achieve a regularity of about 2 trips a week to the throne. About 3 weeks ago I saw an ad for Sunsweet's "PlumSmart for Digestive Health" It showed happy people frolicking around in the sun, so instead of hearing "prune juice" and thinking "nursing home" it actually sounded pretty good.

So the next day I bought a jug of it. And it sat on my counter for 3 weeks. Yesterday my husband asked what it was, and if I was ever going to drink it. Somehow, I'd started thinking about nursing homes, and not happy frolicking people. I bit the bullet and had a nice big mug this morning. It was actually pretty good - it tasted like the grape juice I made last fall from our grapes, spiced with a little cinnamon. I heated it up and drank it warm. I was shocked to discover that even though I'd just made my biweekly trip to the throne last night, 2 hours after drinking the plum juice, I was making another visit. This was the first back-to-back visit I'd made in over 2 months!

I'm not usually in the habit of promoting brands of food, but this tasted good, and actually worked!

I'm going to go frolic in the snow now...
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I was just thinking about this yesterday morning! Earlier in the week, I resorted to my old stand-by of what I call "cloudy" apple juice- the kind that's pressed and I guess unfiltered, but still pasteurized. It was delicious- I had to water it down, but it too did the trick!! (it was Simply Apple for those who are curious) Maybe a little too well, actually. I'll probably do 1 part juice to 3 parts water in the future.

Also, I've been adding a splash of real 100% unsweetened cranberry juice to my water to make it more palatable (thanks to another MDC mama for that suggestion!) and it helps keep things "moving" a little better than they were...

this will be a long road if we have to keep doing this!!!
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Good to know! Thanks so much girls! I, too, have been having only a trip or two a week and it is bothering me. I won't start Floradix for another 6 weeks or so and that helps me go regularly but for the time being I don't need the extra iron.
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Thanks for the tip! I've only been making weekly trips, I'm going to have to try both of these!
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I use magnesium. I like Natural Vitality's Natural Calm. It's also great if you're stressed or having anxiety.
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