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Just For Fun: How Did You Tell Your Husband/SO You Were Pregnant?

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I thought this might be a fun thread to start!

We hadn't been trying for long-- I had been testing for ovulation for just one cycle, but I never assumed I'd get pregnant so quickly. In fact, I wasn't even sure I ovulated at all, because I never got periods. But I did in fact ovulate, and we got pregnant on the first go-around.

One evening five weeks after I detected an LH surge, I was feeling really grouchy and my boobs were killing me. I decided to take a pee test, even though it was the evening and you're supposed to do it in the morning. But man, oh, man, did it come back instantly with a super dark second line!

My husband was on the phone with his mom, and I came barreling into the office and waved the pee strip in his face repeatedly. He stammered something like, "I...I...have to...go, mom, I'll call you back," and looked at me with eyes the size of saucers. Then we ran to Walgreen's and got a fancy digital test to confirm what the cheapy www.early-pregnancy-tests.com strip said.

Then, for about two weeks afterward, I tested every couple of days, because I was super duper excited to be pregnant and I wanted to be SUUUUURE.

Tell your stories, ladies!!
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I was not expecting a positive test. I had been bleeding like a heavy period, but my temps were still high so I took a test and oh boy... there they were. My old friends.

I then took my pee stick of the knowledge of knocked up or not knocked up to my husband and sang "Love Potion Number 9." We had spent the months before getting pregnant arguing over whether this pregnancy would be little number 5 (live births) or love potion number 9 (total pregnancies, not counting multiples.)
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It was only our first go-round trying, and I wasn't even sure I'd ovulated (I tested for ovulation a couple of times during the cycle, but I ovulate late in my cycle, so I never got a positive result). I hadn't gotten my period but had some spots of bright red bleeding after we'd had sex the past couple of days. I had also taken a pregnancy test on the first day of my missed period and it was negative, so I just assumed it was a no-go that month. But after the weird spotting with sex and no period (and not even any bleeding when I'd put in a tampon when the blood showed up after intercourse) still around 5 days later, I took a test and it came back positive. I literally started SHAKING and my husband was at work (he was a schoolteacher at the time, having a play day with his kids in the park since it was the end of their school year) and usually I can't get hold of him until after school is out, so I texted him immediately in all caps saying IM PREGNANT. I was literally shaking so badly I almost couldn't type it! I get excited just thinking about that moment again.

He called me back about five seconds later and just laughed and laughed and said lots of "Holy sh*ts!" and "Oh my god" and "For REAL?" And then he had to go, so I proceeded to text my two best girlfriends and call my mother and we shrieked and laughed and got giddy together over the phone. This is a great memory! Good question...
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we agreed to start 'trying' and figured it would take a while as it took forever with DS. I thought that would be fine, a bigger gap in age between them would work just fine. I had a PAP smear in Aug right on my (suspected) ovulation day, and they told me no sex for 48hrs before, so, we were good and didnt. We wrote that month off as we just knew it couldnt happen, I was totally fine with it, we'd start TTC in Sept, worked for me.

Then 1 week before my period was due I said 'I have really horrible cramps, I think im pregnant' and DH said 'there's no way...we've only had sex once' So I thought, yeah, that's true, it's pretty much an impossibility.

The day before my period was due I used a cheap dollar store test as I was still secretly convinced and....to my amazement it was positive. I took it to dh waved it in his face and said 'I TOLD YOU!!! I KNEW IT!!!' not very romantic or exciting. We were both in total shock as we literally thought it would be impossible....im still kind of in shock almost 8 months later
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Both babies were conceived right around my birthday w/ this one being the day before my birthday, I think. I was only 8 or 9 dpo, but the day before, I began suspecting b/c I woke up really tired & we dtd & it felt different. Plus I had had some burning in my c/s scar. So, anyway, I was on the phone & I kept having pings & twinges in the ole ute so I said eff it, I'm testing (always use $ Tree tests, so possibly wasting one dollar, big whoop). Went upstairs, peed in cup, put it on the test, then left to do something else (same thing I did w/ dd's test, lol). Came back, held test up, & there was The World's Faintest Line. Seriously, it was so faint that now you cannot even see it on the test (yes, I still have all three of dd's bfps, too!).

Of course, silly me did not learn lesson last time & had tested when dh was not home. Took the girls (we had dfd at the time) & pee stick outside to play. When dh got home he came outside & sat down w/ us. I had the bfp hidden under dfd's blanket. I said, "Well, my birthday present came today." Dh said, "Oh, what was that?" & I just stared at him. Then he said, "OH! You're pregnant!" & I said yes & showed him the bfp. He could see the line, too. I looked at the kids & said, "I guess three IS the perfect number!"

We had been TTC for two months. Dfd ended up going home to her mom a week later, otherwise we would be having three girls, all one year apart, all born in April!!!!
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We were on our third cycle of "trying," but it was the first month that we were actually able to time it right. I had a ton of cheap internet tests, so I was really anxious to test. I think I tested the morning of 9 DPO and got a negative, but then I tested again that night, and got the faintest positive. My husband was home with me when I took the test, and I needed him to look at it for me to believe it was true! I thought for sure I was imagining the line! So, I'm pretty sure it went something like, "Oh my gosh! Do you see a line on this test? There isn't a line, is there? Is there a line?"

I had a bit of a scare the next morning when I couldn't see the line again, but it came back that evening.

I then went on to test every day for pretty much the next two weeks.
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had an early MC in may, our first TTC month! we were sad, but so happy to know we COULD get pregnant. i don't think i even tested in june, but july/august was our lucky time! i made myself wait til the day i was expecting my period and peed on a stick and we watched the line come in together . it was fun!
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Haha, I know a lot of you have read my story before, but I love to tell it, so I'll happily share again!

I got off the pill in May and we planned to start TTC in late July or early August. My first cycle was really long, so we went ahead and planned that it would be early August when we started trying.

I was using a diaphragm and temping. I was pretty sure that I had already ovulated during that second cycle (July). Fertility friend showed on O date, and I suspected another, so I figured that between the two of them, I'd already ovulated. We chose to DTD without the diaphragm, but we knew that it was *possible* that I could get pregnant. But we really didn't think it would happen. But we were tired of the diaphragm.

Incidentally, it was some of the best DTD EVER.

So at some point I start peeing on sticks. Negative.

Then FF CHANGED MY OVULATION DATE. To two days AFTER we DTD. No, EWCM, though, so I figured I still wasn't pregnant. Took another test. Negative. Then my friend and I peed on sticks together, we each opened a drawer in my bathroom, took turns peeing on our sticks and putting it in our designated drawer. Then we waited a few minutes and opened our drawers together. NEGATIVE.

This was around 12DPO, so at this point I was sure I wasn't pregnant.

Then DH and I went to the beach for a week, and we had a roommate, so I stopped temping.

By the last day of our trip I was 17dpo, and was googling "long luteal phase" because it seemed more feasible to me that I was having some sort of strange cycle anomaly than that I was pregnant.

I had one $tree test left, and DH mentioned that he'd never been with me when I took a test before. So the next day, 18DPO, I woke up to take my test. DH asked if we could DTD. I said we had to wait until after I took the test, so that I could FMU.

I peed and dipped, and watched the color wash over the test.

"See, I can tell this is a negative test already," as the control line showed up and nothing else did.

I walked out of the bathroom for a minute, and DH was already bored with the whole thing so he went and got on his computer.

A couple minutes later I walked back into the bathroom and looked at the test.

"uuuhhhh, dh? can you come in here?"

He finally came in the room and I pointed at the test. Then I started frantically throwing on clothes yelling, "I've got to go to walgreen's!"

I RAN out the door and drove down the street to get a digital test. I called my good friend babbling incoherently into her voicemail.

I got back home- took the test. "PREGNANT."


Let me back up a second.

Back up to me throwing on my clothes to run out the door. DH will never live down what he said to me in that moment.

I yell, "I've got to go to Walgreen's!"

And he says...

he actually says...

"Can we have sex first?"
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Ooo, I like hearing everybody's stories. It sounds like all or most of you were planning/trying for pregnancy. I'm hoping that will be our case next time so I don't have to call my husband on the phone in tears to tell him the news that we'd been denying for several weeks, and listen to a five-minute shocked silence before we cried together for awhile. We're absolutely thrilled about this little one now, but the first couple months were terrifying as we were definitely NOT in a good situation to bring a baby into our lives.
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These stories are fun! Here's mine:
we got married in May and our honeymoon cruise to mexico was postponed bc of swine so we went the first wk in july. I didn't want to be preggers on our honeymoon, so i waited to go off the pill until june. We wanted to start trying right away bc we thought it would be a while. We didn't actually "try", we just didn't protect. So my period came on our honeymoon and when i didn't get it in aug i didn't think much but decided to take a test i had anyway, before work and DH was gone. The second line was so faint, so i wasn't sure and was really shaky, calling dh at work. i said "don't freak out, bc i'm not sure, but i just took a preg test and think it's pos". He had to get off the phone! so on my way to work i stopped and got a few more and took em at work w/a mom i worked w/ and she helped me confirm.
I didn't get to talk to dh all day til he got home, looked at me and said well? and i said yeah--we were so happy but both so shocked all i remember is hugging!
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We had been trying for 8 months or so, with a lot of trepidation (and health issues) on my part. There had only been a few months that I thought we had a small chance, and July was not one of them. I had bought tests in bulk a few months before, so I tested on a whim (and because the TTC girls were poking me to do it) and was STUNNED when it came up positive.

Tom was at work, so I changed the background on his home computer to a picture of the test, and then was poised and ready with my camera when he turned it on (he thought i was just fiddling with it).
You can see him go "Wait, what? Oh, wait, YAY!".
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Ivory, I love it!!!
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leappiah, same thing with us!

We were totally broke and not expecting me to be pregnant since I had just gone through a m/c and we had only DTD a couple times (and painfully). But I kept getting on and off again bleeding that I would think was my period, then I thought it was residual from the m/c, so finally we went to dollar tree and I took a test off the rack and took it into the bathroom AT dollar tree and peed on it, but I didn't see anything (in retrospect I didn't wait nearly long enough) So I stuck it in my purse and as we were coming out of the store I pulled it out and said "I don't see a line, we're good" and he grabbed it and started squinting and then handed it back to me and said "oh, s***." it just wasn't the best time in our lives, what can i say.

I have to say he's completely come around and is SO excited....we were in the ER last ngiht and got an u/s and when the doc came in with the u/s machine he actually said "oooh, yay!"
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I think it was the 2nd cycle after my 4th miscarriage. Since we'd been at this for 3 years with 4 miscarriages and a lot of heartache, I don't remember us putting a lot of effort into this last attempt at a pregnancy. I was still hopeful though and doing OPKs.

We were on vacation with the kids when I started spotting red on the last day. I was bummed because it was only 11 or so DPO and put in a tampon, thinking my cycle was shortening again. Thought it was suspicious when I took out tampon and there was next to no blood on it.

When we got home, I took a test, without telling DH I had suspected that just maybe... and it was positive. I casually called him upstairs to look at the test and we kept quiet so the kids wouldn't find out until further along.

And here I am, with our miracle baby.
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This one wasn't planned and I was afraid DH would be mad and think I "snuck one in on him" so I took a pic of the test and emailed it to him. He wasn't too thrilled and I still don't think he is that excited about it. Things may be tough for us financially right now, but we'll get through it. There's no turning back now!
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Our story is that my husband and I got married in August of '08 -- late bloomers, as we were both nearing 40.

In early '09 it was recommended we start fertility treatments (mainly due to my age). With the first IUI I got pregnant, but miscarried at 6 weeks.

We did another 5 IUIs, but the last one we also added one round of Clomid.

It was now two weeks before I turned 40, and I'd pretty much decided that I was okay with not having kids. In fact, maybe it would be better for me (I'm a writer and world traveler, when I can get away). So, one afternoon in August, I took a nap, got up at 2pm, and decided to take a test just for giggles.

When I saw the second line emerge, I said (no kidding), "Holy f*ck." I was actually freaked out for all of 45 seconds, since I'd come to terms with not having children.

Meanwhile, my husband was at work (and I'd already convinced him that this month, too, would be a negative). Well, when he got home, I put dinner on the table and opened a bottle of good champagne. "Are you pregnant?" he asked. I just nodded like a doofus.

I took about a zillion tests after that, just because. After seeing negatives for so long, it was a real thrill:

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i had JUST convinced my husband that we should start trying. i'd been on the baby bandwagon for quite a few months already, but he wanted to wait until we'd been married for at least a year before starting. i went off the pill in dec and had been charting to avoid since then. on june 28th, our wedding anniversary, i went to put my temps on my chart and realized it was very likely i was ovulating that weekend (hadn't been paying too much attention since my charts weren't super clear and we usually just used condoms). so i told him i might be ovulating and we were now officially married for one year, so what did he think? apparently he thought that we should have lots and lots of sex all weekend without condoms.

then i managed to convince us both that i hadn't really been ovulating and there was no way we concieved. the rest of the month was a crazy whirlwind of travel and friends' weddings and so on (during which time we even went back to condoms for some reason), and it wasn't until a couple weeks later that i got a sneaking suspicion i might have actually gotten knocked up on the first try. so while my husband was napping one afternoon, i biked over to the store, bought a test and then went and poked him awake with it with a stunned look on my face. we were really excited, but just totally shocked. my husband kept on saying, "but i only got to try once!"
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Originally Posted by SilverFish View Post
my husband kept on saying, "but i only got to try once!"
Oh yes, DH was bummed about that, too. He thought we'd have months of trying.
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Hahahaha, same here.
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aww these stories are so lovely.

Im a HUGE loser, I looked up on YouTube people telling their DH's they were pregnant, some of them after years of infertility....had me in tears
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