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a butt by any other name...

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So we are all into teaching DS the proper names for body parts. I am totally comfortable saying "penis" and what not, for some reason though, I don't know what to call his "butt." I say "bottom" sometimes when I want him to sit on his "bottom", but then when we are pointing and naming body parts, it sounds weird to say "that is your bottom". What do you and your LO call it?
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Somehow we got to calling it a "heiny". Occasionally, we refer to it as a "booty" or "bum".

When I was little, most of my friends said "bottom" but that really confused me as that is what my mom called my vulva/vagina.
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We've always just called it a bum.
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We say butt or bottom. Neither is obscene, so I'm fine with both.

In my extensive survey of what other people's kids call it, "butt" wins by a landslide!
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We just say butt. I don't feel like butt is a dirty word, and we also call the penis a penis.

I am at a loss as to what to call his scrotum/testicles. He has a hard time saying those words and I feel weird saying that because I have always called them nuts or balls.
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Bottom, butt, tushie... I guess that's about it.

We never called my DD's bottom her "butt" until she was much older. I think she actually heard it at preschool and started dancing around singing, "I'm wiggling my butt!" It was very cute.

When she was little (<2), we always called it her bottom.
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Butt is the shortened form of buttocks, which is the technical name for it...I am comfortable with butt or bottom or even bum - though I don't really use that one much.
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we all have booties around here,lol
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I love this thread title, btw.
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DD is almost 2 and I have been saying bottom...which has been all inclusive but I know I need to change that soon!
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We somehow ended up with tush (or tushie), as in, "Please sit down on your tush". Not sure how it happened...
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Sometime when he was 3, I told DS that "butt" is short for "buttocks". We tend to alternate between "butt" and "bum". He started calling it "bumtocks". Hee!
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My dd has 2 butts, a front butt and a back butt So, it's all her butt. I don't know why in the world I don't use real words, I mean I don't even call my vagina by it's technical name, it's my hoo-ha. I need to change.
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heiny. Although I love bum. DH wasn't into it tho.
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Bottom and bum here.
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I can't say the word buttocks with out laughing. It's just to technical. I call mine my bottom or or my butt I guess. With the kids I've nannied for there have many names like tushie,heiney,bottom,bum bum or just bum.

Oh and for other parts,I have no issues with the technical terms,but as a nanny when telling the parents at the end of day of diaper rashes etc... I wouldn't use words like vulva or vagina.especially when telling the dads. For some reason I got the feeling it would make them feel uncomfortable. So I'd say things like bottom bits or girly parts or even front bottom!
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