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2nd trimester bleeding

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this morning i woke up bleeding...like major bleeding. i went to the e.r. and they checked out the baby. i got to see the baby moving around on the u/s and i got to hear the heartbeat but the said that its still up in the air. im still bleeding and im starting to feel a little crampy like menstrual cramps and im getting nauseous. so i'm probably going to go back to the e.r. if it gets worse. i just ask that yall keep me in your prayers. i also wanted to know if any of you have experienced anything similar?
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You are most certainly in my prayers. I'm sure this is a very difficult time for you! I know many mama's who have had their share of bleeding throughout a pregnancy and done well! It's just not OK for a mama to have to worry like that!

Please keep us posted, and you take care.
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Did they mention subchorionic hemorrhage? It's when there's a blood clot behind the placenta that often dissolves in the 1-2 trimester. It can cause a lot of bleeding and there is a chance of m/c, but it's far from inevitable. That may be what's causing the bleeding???

I will be praying for you.
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A sch causes bleeding, as can a fibroid, or polyps. Have you had any contact with your cervix....sex, checking yourself? That can cause bleeding too.

The blood is an irritant so even bleeding from a non-threatening source can cause it.
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I haven't been giving the "baby maker" any attention, my husband is deployed and the thought of going near it just doesn't sound appealing, haha. The checked my cervix at the E.R. and they said that it was closed so that's good. They said if I start bleeding heavily again, I notice any tissue, or start to cramp I should go back but so far none of that has happened. Thanks for replying girls, it made me feel better I will definitely keep you all posted.
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good to hear that your cervix is closed tight!
here's to only more good news.
do keep us posted.
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Just wanted to tell you that I will be thinking of you and offer you some hugs. The other girls here have covered pretty much everything. Bleeding in the second trimester rarely results in anything bad. I hope it stops for you soon so you can feel better and get back to enjoying the rest of your pregnancy.
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Hi akgrown. I can totally relate. At almost 12 weeks I woke up in the middle of the night cause it felt like I was peeing myself and lo and behold it was blood. Needless to say, I FREAKED out. We had an u/s the next day and the baby was completely fine. I am now over 14 weeks and I still have brown spotting - every single day. Its not red blood, but it is very, very dark brown and it covers the TP when I wipe (although it barely makes it to the pantyliner).

The baby has been checked multiple times in the past couple of weeks (via u/s and doppler) and everything seems to be okay. The Dr cannot tell me why I'm spotting and they can't tell where the blood is coming from or when it will stop. I am terribly worried - everyday - but it does seem as though this just happens to some women in the 2nd tri. There is even another mama here in this ddc that was/is having the same issue. It seems like (and I'm praying this is true) that the bleeding most often resolves itself without any harm to the baby. I am at least proof that bleeding can happen for several weeks and the baby can still be okay.

Hang in there. Stay off your feet if you can - it seems at least to help me. Thinking of you and sending you many good thoughts.
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I had some significant red bleeding twice between 12 and 13 weeks. Ultrasound said the baby was fine, placenta was up and out of the way, and my cervix looked fine. This week (14-15 weeks) I've had brown spotting consistently since Tuesday. Baby's heart is still beating away and cervix was fine (no u/s this time). My CNM's theory is that I have an internal cervical polyp that isn't visible, but is easily irritated. I never bled at all with my first two pregnancies so it's freaked me out, but apparently things are okay.
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I wanted to add too that a SCH can be missed by ultrasound. For all those mystery bleeds.
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