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So tell me about Udo's Oil please.

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My doc told me to get this and I should have asked what for.

I believe it is Omega 3 oil's? What is it for? Can children take it? I am about to buy Salmon Oil because I am almost out. Can I get Udo's Oil instead or does it not have the same affect?

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Udo's oil is a blend of Omega 3s, 6s & 9s in the (apparently) correct ratios. If you are worried about your intake of these it is a convenient (& vegan) way to take them.
I read a great article in the magazine Vegan Voice by a nutritionist that really put an end to my quandry about whether I should take fish oil. She said fish oil is only rich in Omega 3s because the fish eat omega 3 rich algae & sea grasses. Farmed fish, that don't get to feed on wild greens are low in omega 3s (just like humans who don't eat their greens!). She pointed out the folly of eating fish to get the omega 3 they made through eating greens - we should just eat the greens ourselves & make our own & cut out the middle man (& the mercury, the suffering of the poor fish, the rape & degredation of the oceans etc etc ).
She also had great points about how un-natural it is to consume any refined oils at all - when I'm not so tired I'll copy out some of the article, it's real 'slap your forehead & say Da, why didn't I think of that?' type stuff
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I have taken Udo's Oil for a few years. I usually take 2 TBSP's off a spoon. I've also used it on salads. My kids (19 mo and 4) take it as well. My 4 yr old says to me "Daddy didn't give me any Udo's oil today" LOL! They love it. They take it straight off the spoon as well.

My DS has had it from about 9 months. I would give him a few drops in his Goat's Milk formula when he had a bottle. The oils are great for brain development!

Like the PP said, its the right combination of Omega 3-6-9. Udo Erasmus who created the oil, has written a book about oils called Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill. You can get it on Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/Fats-That-Heal.../dp/0920470386.

I feel so energized when I take it! It can take some getting used to, so I would start with smaller amounts at first. I'm usually bouncing around the house full of energy when I take it. I also feel it in my skin and hair.

I'm impressed your doc told you to take it. I find so few docs who actually know much about nutrition.
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This was a hot seller in the hfs I used to work at. I never took it myself but we had many customers who swore by it. One in particular, she has suffered for years from eczema. She started taking Udo's Oil and was finally seeing results. Not just in her skin, but in her hair and nails too.
Its a blend of different oils, so you might want to take an allergies into consideration before you take it. Otherwise, its a great product.
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What does it taste like? I've been curious about trying it, but I'm reluctant to pay all that money if it tastes fishy like my vegan DHA/EPA supplement!
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Here's my concern about Udo's:

The thing about omega's is that the *ratio* is important. And most people (but especially veg*ns) get way too many omega 6s and not enough omega 3s, particularly EPA/DHA which is not available in plant matter.

So, if the *ratio* is important and we're all getting too much 6 and not enough 3, then why would we take more 6? Even if Udo's is 'the perfect ratio', it's the perfect ratio *on top of* the rest of our diet. What makes a lot more sense, then, is to *just* take omega 3 (specifically EPA/DHA), because that will actually *correct* the existing imbalance.

Know what I mean?
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I agree with Sayward you'd only be adding (and paying for) even more omega 6 when you actually need less (well, most of the western world does)
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Our family doctor LOVES natural. My husband's blood pressure was a tad high (found out when he gave blood) and he told the doc. He told my husband to drink hibiscus tea throughout the day and eat celery. We love him!

That is interesting about the Udo's Oil. I never really thought of the imbalance. I will look more into that.

It tastes like Flax Seed Oil mostly. Not fishy.
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Thank you for all of the great information! We are working towards a vegan lifestyle and this has given me some great things to consider regarding omega 3 versus omega 6.
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This may help: http://www.womentowomen.com/healthynutrition/veganepadha.aspx


Also, I do not use canola oil as it is usually genetically modified. Also, it is in the rapeseed family. Rapeseed is used to make pesticides.


I only use avocado and macademia oils for cooking because of their high smoke points. I rarely use oil when I'm not cooking, so don't really use olive oil. I'm not a big fan of coconut oil so I don't use it much except in certain recipes. Those are the only four oils I would use in part because of the omega 6/3 stuff.


Here's more info on oils: http://theconsciouslife.com/omega-3-6-9-ratio-cooking-oils.htm


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Also, you can't cook with flaxseed oil because it's smoke point is too low. However, you can bake with ground flaxseed and heat won't bother it. Flaxseed loses a lot of its nutrients once it's ground, so it's best to freshly grind it. I have a small coffee grinder for that. Also, chia seed has even more omega 3s than flaxseed and you don't have to grind it. However, it absorbs lots of water so you have to use it while keeping that in mind.


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My daughter and I take this and love it. I don't care for the taste, but she gets so excited when she sees me get the bottle out! I always feel great when I take it. Also it took care of some dry spots on my daughter's legs which was a great bonus for us too.
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