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I am 4 weeks postpartum as of yesterday. I am planning to take the dog for walks and get back into jogging with him once I get the okay from my midwife (still feel some achy-ness and tightness in my stitches [perineum]). Right now it is still too cold to walk outside with the baby.

Diet- er...not really doing well right now. (Says the woman who ate pizza, jalapeno poppers and ice cream for dinner...). I know I need to put more effort into not eating sweets, but for now I am just trying to eat. I am trying to add more protein to stay full longer, had an omelet for breakfast this AM and it made a HUGE difference in keeping me satisfied all morning and into the early afternoon until I had a change to get some lunch.

I gained around 40 pounds (was at about 38 pounds the week before delivery). I was definitely retaining fluids, had an 8 pound baby, and an extraordinary amount of amniotic fluid (the midwife even commented that I had a lot of fluid and possibly why I sprung an early leak). I left the hospital minus 20 pounds, and lost an additional 5 pounds or so that first week home. Then I plateaued and am still about 15 pounds above my pre preggo weight. That being said I was at my heaviest EVER before getting pregnant so I would like to lose 30-40 pounds.

Since this is my first baby we will see how breastfeeding affects my weight loss. I get pretty hungry so I will eventually need to get my diet back under control (more fresh veggies will be easier once I have my garden.)
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Uggghhhh what a sad, sad topic for me. I am almost 5 weeks postpartum and I am SO SICK of wearing elastic waist fleece pants. SO.SICK. But all my prepregnancy pants are 0/2/4 and those seem light years away. Every week I try to pull on a pair of size 6s and every week I fail miserably. I don't feel like I will ever be able to pull a regular pair of pants over my hips again!!

I am having a really long recovery time this time. My belly is still really mushy and round, my hips are really wide, and I am still spotting red. It is super cold outside so no walks with the little one, and I am having a really hard time getting out with all three kids. I haven't mastered juggling three winter coats, umpteen huge fleece blankets, the carseat, the baby, the toddler and the preschooler, my purse/diaper bag, and all the hats and mittens and scarves. So I can't even get any exercise walking around, say, the museum or the mall. Plus, Rory totally freaks out every time we go out in public and I end up flustered and anxious. And then she screams the whole car ride home and it distracts me from driving.

I have a few things that are working for me right now. One is that I am drinking buckets of water. And second, I am just toooo busy to eat during the day and find myself grabbing a banana here, a carrot stick there, a muffin or some cheese. Definitely no time to sit down and nosh on huge meals or snack foods.
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Started out this pregnancy 98lbs, and gained 37lbs. I'm down to around 110 right now, but nowhere near fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans. With my daughter, I gained 25lbs, but held on to an extra 10lbs untill I stopped breastfeeding her (when I got pregnant with baby #2. ). I'm 7 weeks post partum now.This time around, I have a little potbelly and some extra weight on my hips, thighs, and waist. For weight loss/ toning i'm breastfeeding on demand, walking with baby at least 30 minutes a day, and begining some yoga. Next week I have my first post-baby photo shoot, and my agent is begining to get more bookings for me, so I really need to put the effort into getting in shape.
Last week, I was so tired of wearing the same stretchy yogo pants for weeks on end, that I did a majoy St. Vinnies hunt. Scored a pair of Lucky jeans in 0/25 for $6!!!! , and i can JUST get them zipped up. My realistic goal is to at least get my waist and hips toned enough to wear them.
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I plan to start T-Tapp soon. I'm procrastinating.
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Originally Posted by Dea View Post
I hate being post partum. Hate it!
Anyhow with Trixie I did weight watchers and walked. This time I'll do WW again and walk, and I think I'll seek out a trainer. I had one pre babies and I loved it.
I went for a big ol' walk today and I am so sore from it. I feel like I just gave birth again. Achy! I'm3 weeks PP... so I don't think it should hurt this much, and we've been active, it's not like I"ve been on my duff eating bon bons these past 3 weeks!
i took walks two days in a row, the second one rather long, and i hurt like nobody's business. I couldn't even do 10 body weight squats or lunges, which is so depressing considering what i could squat 8 months ago.

the only upside is, when you start from scratch you see satisfying results really fast!
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i don't plan on doing anything for another week, but it'll mostly be walking. i was walking the dog an hour a day right up until i was induced. i plan on getting back to that soon.

otherwise - breastfeeding/pumping seems to be doing a good job! i'm down 22lbs in two weeks. which is good, b/c i was very frustrated to go home from the hospital only down 6 lbs. i didn't understand - how could i have an 8 + pound baby and only lose 6 pounds!!?
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Well I was worried about this the enitre pregnancy and I was right to be. My main problem is that I have a huge diastasis, like almost three fingers width. So yeah, first things first I have to begin Tupler exercises and go from there. Then back to yoga and pilates.

I fit into my pre pregnancy jeans, though that isn't a great thing seeing as they were huge anyway. I would like to get more yoga pants and perhaps some new shoes. Since my really expensive running shoes are too tight on my fat feet .

As far as diet, well it could be better, but at least I am not eating frozen food anymore. I sent DH to get veggies with a list and let me tell ya it couldn't have been worse! I asked for cilantro- he got parsley, I asked for cucumbers- he got persian ones (more of a squash). Spoiling all my cooking plans- helllllooo you cannot make salsa with parsley, or carnitas, or eat persian cucumbers raw (yuck). Can you tell I'm still

I'm have this huge belly that no longer contains a baby, but still looks like it- but it could be worse I could have the gestation of an elephant so I would still be pregnant.

I am almost one month pp, so will definitely have to step up my game.
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So make that a full 15 pounds that I have to lose . The scale came back from my husband's office and I made the mistake of getting on it. I'm Catholic and fasted two days this week because Lent started (not full fasts - don't worry - I'm not starving my nursing baby!) - and I hate to admit it, but I secretly harbored hopes that would help me lose weight (not really the point of fasting, I know, I know). No dice darn it.

Looks like it's going to be a long hard road. Why oh WHY can't I be one of those people who lose 22 pounds in 2 weeks? WHY? Wah!

I'll stop whining, put the candy away, and go for another run tomorrow. I keep telling myself that even if I don't lose another pound for the next month - it's worth continuing to tone and build muscle. And while intellectually I know that is true, it's emotionally so unrewarding to have that stupid scale not budge a millimeter.

I also need to stop obsessing about the number on the scale (or on my pants label) and focus on being healthy. But it's a weakness of mine, I will admit. I like being a lean, mean running machine. And right now I'm a curvy Mama. And that's ok too. Sort of. It's a new image for me. I'm going to have to grow into it before I grow out of it, I'm afraid!
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Originally Posted by Happiestever View Post
I sent DH to get veggies with a list and let me tell ya it couldn't have been worse! I asked for cilantro- he got parsley, I asked for cucumbers- he got persian ones (more of a squash). Spoiling all my cooking plans- helllllooo you cannot make salsa with parsley, or carnitas, or eat persian cucumbers raw (yuck). Can you tell I'm still
Really? what is so hard about, ohhh I don't know, ASKING A CLERK for help if you're not sure, or just READING the damn labels.

I get the same thing, or I get "They were out." Yeah right...the grocery store ran out of celery. Im so sure!
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LOL my DH said parsley and cilantro are the same... um no! oh actually smells and tastes good. I love when they say they're out of stuff.
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I have the best intentions on walking...but I haven't done so yet! I gained about 35 lbs, and I have 10 left to go. BUT my body is very mushy and my butt is gone. So, I definitely have some toning up to do.
I am thinking of getting some shape-ups (shoes). A friend of mine got them and just from wearing them daily, she can tell a difference in the butt/thigh area and a reduction in cellulite. And that's just wearing them around work,not walking or working out or anything.
I'm so lazy, though, I've never worked out before. I am motivated a tad bit by summer coming up, maybe that'll help.
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Ugh. I gained 45 pounds, had a 10 1/2 pound baby, and I was down 30 pounds by 2 weeks pp. I haven't budged since then. I've been wanting to start taking small walks on the treadmill to start getting some physical activity in but with my high maintenance baby, I am lucky to change out of my PJs or eat even a bowl of cereal. I am really hoping we get some type of predictability down soon so that I can start eating on a regular schedule and fit in some type of exercise. It's still so freaking cold here and will be for the next month so it is way too cold to get outside to exercise.
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hm, well I'm nursing I'm 2lb above pre-prego weight which I'm ok with. Also, I have cut soy, dairy & egg completely out of my diet for DS's intolerances which restricts a lot of food anyways, so I'm not going to further diet.

I really want to start up with some yoga, but if I get a spare moment in my day it goes to sleep & housework. I've started randomly incorporating pushups & squats into my day though.
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Oh my goodness, ratrodgrl, I want to hate you!!! J/K!!! If I were 2 pounds over my preprego weight I'd be doing some kind of happy dance right about now. That is really smart to incorporate squats and pushups into your day... how does that work though? Like, do you finish the dishes, drop and do 20? Hang the laundry squatting between clothespins? I'm just trying to imagine it and I'm already exhausted. I FEEL like I've done squats and pushups all day at the end of my day, but I haven't. I've just kept my kids alive for one more day - and that's pretty physical. I have a VERY VERY busy 2 1/2 year old on my hands.

Everybody is sick in my house right now (except my daughter, thank goodness) - so I'm not working out to conserve energy in the hopes that I'll get better more quickly.

Eating is going fine here - I'm actually eating rather healthfully. Still have to take the plunge and give up my evening dessert. Not quite there yet.

I think I lost a pound though, and my jeans are more comfy feeling than before. That is progress, and I'll take it!
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lol... well I think there's a few reasons for it this time around: 1) I didn't go full term; there's got to be some perks for dealing with a 6-week early preemie & bedrest! 2) since he came early, I've been un-pregnant (?) for longer than y'all, by 6 weeks and 3)seriously, if you cut out dairy, soy & egg from your diet (which is pretty much everything I love and adore) you'd probably drop weight too! Not that I recommend it, jes' saying.

The random squats, you made me laugh! It's not that much throughout the day or I wouldn't be able to do my mommy job! It's usually 2 times a day if I think of it I'll do 8 pushups & 10 deep squats. Plus, baby carrying I tend to squat all day long when I have to pick something up off the floor. Some day here I'll start doing rounds of bodyweight exercises; you can kick your own butt pretty quickly in 5-7 minutes if you go non-stop. But then again, I can't take care of my baby if I have limp noodle arms!
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oh yeah...

and WHAT IS UP WITH THE FLAT BUTTS?? A few ladies have mentioned this, and I noticed it with both my pregnancies, as well as some friends. It's like, I have this bubble butt thing going which hubby loves, then the baby is born and my butt disappears and the fat apparently migrates north to my belly region. Even though I'm close to pre-prego weight the fat distribution is still different; a flatter butt and fuller belly. I understand the fully belly, but why does the butt run off? And I can't remember when, but at some time PP with DS it went back to normal. It's just weird!
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ratrogrl- I totally hear you on the flat butt thing! I caught a glimpse of myself in a window, and, yeeshhh, who is THAT!?!?!

I'm not too concerned about the weight, rather about the distribution. I am sure that we are all very active, but not in a "I'm going to tone up" kind of way.

We have child-minding at our local rec. centre, and I'm going to start to take advantage of that in a couple of months.

I don't want to start too early and get even more worn down than I am.

but I HATE the muffin top I have with my pre-preg, and how my non-maternity shirts work their way up!

I have nothing to wear that I feel remotely attractive in.

oh well.
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y'all are cracking me up.

We are getting a doorway pull up bar. I try to remember to do ab work on the exercise ball. We have two sets of dumbells. I WANT TO RUN, DAMNIT.

stupid snow
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Originally Posted by Kidzaplenty View Post
That's pretty much my "strategy" too.

so far so good.
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