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Another baby question.

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Jamie, sorry about this - I see you're getting several questions about babies and I'm sure they'll be many more after mine. My dh and I have been married for 5 years and have two beautiful children. I have been thinking about a third child for months now and sometimes when I am around infants, the need feels overwhelming. However, I am concerned about how our families would feel, particularly our mothers. They have said that they think two is enough, but I don't really feel that our family is complete. I know that we are adults and our parents really shouldn't be the deciding factor in a decision this big, but they help us a lot with watching the children while we work. I am also worried about the financial aspect with a family of five. Do you see us adding another child to our family? Will our parents be happy and accepting? Thank you so much!
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Hi Mamas2sweeties,

I want to tell you that you are meant to have a third and you will regret not having one, especially because of other peoples opinions. Family may not like it, but they will get over it. FYI, I'm sensing a little girls energy. She wants to be born in 2011.

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Jamie - thanks so much!
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