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trying not to stress -- possilby some TMI within

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last night i woke up with pain that kept me up most of the night. it kept me awake not becuase it was unbearable, but because it was worrying me.

the pain is more of an ache now, but it is really quite low in my abdomen. until last night i have been able to distinguish between scary, more period-like cramps and gas/constipation pain. i stayed in bed, awake and fretting for a while, then had to get up and go nurse my son.

i put him back in bed and went downstairs for a while. i took a gas-x and went and sat on the toilet for a while. after a while, there was some movement (trying to be polite here! ) and i felt a bit better.

but the pain is still there. it's still quite low, but more one sided now. it does increase a bit as i get up/sit down. could this be round ligament pain? combined with consitpation issues?

i just got up from my desk and went to the washroom and find myself a bit dizzy and nauseous. i've had some yogurt and that seemed to help the nausea a bit. the dizzy/shakiness could likely be because i had a cup of coffee this morning as i hardly got any sleep last night. i hardly ever have caffiene.

i feel this is likely a non-issue other than some discomfort and is due to slow plumbing and gas....but part of me is still worried. any thoughts?
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i have a crampy/pain in my lower left side almost all the time, sometimes worse then others...and when I haven't went to the bathroom for a few days, it gets worse...so I would assume it might be round ligaments? I'd drink some more water and if it continues enough to worry you call your dr/midwife because you don't want to be stressed and not sleeping!
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very lower left is colon/rectum- or at least that's what my OB told me....
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thanks Carrie and Nicki.
when it's one sided, it's way low and to the right...
i'm going to see how the evening pans out. it's coming and going. i'm not sure what round ligament pains are supposed to feel like.
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I'm sure the caffeine gave you the dizziness and shakiness too...I hardly ever drink caffeine either, so if they mess up my drink at the coffee shop or something, it's nooooot good. I've had some intense (though short-lived) pain that seems to be intestinal...seems like it hurts more during pregnancy. Hope you're feeling better today.
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Any improvement?
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update - tmi warning

hi all,
thanks for checking in, matey.
the short version is that i feel much better today. so much better that i realize how BAD i felt yesterday and last night.

TMI below the line!

it was still bad last night, BUT i got rid of a LOT of gas last night, my plumbing worked like it did in the pre-pregnancy days this morning and i feel FANTASTIC.

it's amazing how painful gas and consto can be with pregnancy. brutal.

i think it was that combined with RLP. maybe bad gastro pain can make RLP worse?
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I'm glad you're feeling better! Funny, but at about 12 weeks I had gas pain that actually kept me home from work. I thought it was a virus, but turned out just to be sluggish pipes. Crazy internal mechanisms. 12 weeks must be a time of major changes.
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I've had some pains like this too, caused by the same issue, but mine were so strong they felt like my pit induced contractions!! It's crazy how harsh tummy issues can be.
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I know those gas pains are terrible! When I'm not "in the family way", they seem perfectly tolerable. But as soon as I'm expecting, they are so painful. I actually had one when I was out the other day that was so intense I thought for a moment I had my appendix burst or placenta detach or something awful. But it passed a few moments later, and about 20 minutes after that, the gas made a noisy appearance (to the delight of DD, who at 3 finds every toot absolutly riotious.) Can't say that it is one of the more feminine or flattering sides of pregnancy, but oh well. This too shall pass.
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