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Is there anything my dad is trying to tell us?

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My dad passed away from a stroke on Aug. 29, 2009. He was in the hospital for several days before he died. The stroke left him without speech, so he wasn't able to tell us anything. A conversation I had with him several months prior about his money, estate ect. ended in him telling me that there is so much more for me to know but that was not the time.

So here we are pretty curious about what he may have been talking about.

Thank you!
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I am sorry about your loss. I hope you are able to revel in beautiful memories of your father. ((HUGS))

Your father was a very kind man. His energy is full of love. Although I can tell that he made some ppl very mad along the way. But I could say that about anyone couldn't I?? What's different about your Dad is that he made ppl mad due to some beliefs of his and sticking up for some rights he fully supported. I keep seeing a hippy. As an example that he would rally and such. That does not mean he was a hippy, (although possible of course), but just an example of what I mean about how he may have affected people around him and tried to create change.

As far as his estate goes, I'm going to be honest and tell you that I'm not a big fan of that type of question b/c I don't want to be sending anyone on a wild goose chase for money or anything crazy like that. I am getting an impression of something though and so I will share. Please take it lightly though. I do see that there is some money you are not aware of, and it is going to be alloted or is alloted to someone or something you dont know about. That is all I'm getting on that and I know it's cryptic, but sometimes we are not meant to know everything. Even us psychics.
Everything should be unraveling as we speak or soon. Meaning his estate and such and whats happening with it all.

I do think your Father was a nice man at heart and also tough when it came to his beliefs.

He is still around you of course. They always are.
I'm getting that he hangs around your son. That there are some personality similarities or something there.
You can always communicate with your Dad anytime. He'll hear you.

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