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It's been a while since I posted here but anyone who might remember me, I just wanted to update you on my son's progress.  For those who didn't read my posts from over a year ago, my son was forcibly retracted by our pediatrician at his 6 months wellness visit (he's 2 now).  Unfortunately I was ignorant of the issue with retraction, until I noticed thin red lines on my son's foreskin the day after the doctor visit, did some research and was horrified at what had happened at the hands of our pediatrician.  We changed doctors, and now have a pediatrician that we are very happy and comfortable with.


One thing I was desperate to know was whether anybody's son who had been through something similar had any long term issues related to the retraction, or if there was anything parents could do to limit the damage done.  I promised myself that I would come back here, so that I could help parents looking for answers after having gone through a forced retraction of their son.  I can tell you that my son is absolutely fine.  Just like most 2 year old boys, he is most interested in his "pee-pee", especially in the bath, this obviously being an extended period of time without a diaper.  The tip of his foreskin is loose and does not look tight.  He likes to stretch his foreskin and has also pulled it slightly in the other direction a couple of times, so I know that he is at least partially retractable.  This is an enormous relief after worrying that our pediatrician might have done some long term damage.  One thing I also learned from the wonderful folks here is that problems with retraction usually occur after many multiple forced retractions, but still, I was worried.


Our new pediatrician doesn't even go near my son's penis and even told us, without prompting, that the foreskin should not be forced and to let it loosen naturally which can take some time with some boys.  The only time his diaper has come off at the doctor's office was at the most recent checkup when the doctor checked my son's testicular position; he didn't touch his penis, in fact he didn't even mention it.  Some parents might be glad to know that my son even said to the doctor "no touch pee-pee!" when the doc was examining his testicles, so we didn't even have to say anything on his behalf!  The doctor reassured my son that it was ok as long as Mommy and Daddy were there too.  I think my son saying this is in response to when he attempted to touch my penis when I had just emerged from the shower and he showed a natural childlike curiosity,reaching out his hand.  I told him that we don't touch other's pee-pees, only our own, and no one is allowed to touch his pee-pee.


So, I guess the purpose of this post is to reassure parents who have just gone through the horrible experience of having their son forcibly retracted that the chances are that everything will be absolutely fine.  This is something that I was very eager to know when it had just happened to us; so I hope this post is useful in some way.

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I remember your posts vividly & I thrilled to hear all is well w/your ds.joy.gif
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That is great PeterJ... my two youngins say "THATS MINE NOT YOURS" & know very well that even mummy & daddy shouldn't touch unless applying cream. I always let my son know that he was to clean it once it came back & it slowly but surely came back in its own time & he is 7 now so washes it too much which I've had words with him about as well LOL I am SO glad I didn't get him done.

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Thanks guys.  I remember your advice MCatLvr all them months ago, you truly are a treasure here at the forum.  We're lucky to have you around. flowersforyou.gif

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I am glad that I am able to make a small difference every once in awhile. redface.gif
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