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Moving to Nebraska

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DH might be taking a job in the SE corner of Nebraska. It's territorial, so it's pretty much up to us where we live. We've got 5 kids, 8, 7, 2, and 6 mo twins. We homeschool, and we don't vax. We have a GREAT pediatrician up here in Wyoming, and I'm hoping to find another good one down there. (I'm rather spoiled by the practice we're at now, I'll admit...)

What area would you move to? I'd like something that has other homeschoolers, is hopefully rural or small-town, but close enough to a big town to have something to do. (Here, we're in a rural small town, but there's nothing to do in the surrounding towns. No co-ops, no... nothing.) It honestly wouldn't hurt to find a Whole Foods or similar store, too. I miss that. (We actually drove 5 hours down to Ft. Collins to go to Whole Foods last weekend... we were that desperate.. but that's another story )

That all said, I do like the safe, rural life, so finding something close, but definitely outside of the sprawl of a city, would be nice. I'd like to garden, BUT... we'll have to rent for the first couple of years. Are there any rural rentals out that way?

Any help or advice anyone could give us would be *greatly* appreciated!!
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Lincoln is great

Lincoln is a great place! There is a very supportive family practice in town that doesn't pressure you to vaccinate and are breastfeeding, big family friendly. (Two of the doctors homeschool.) http://www.saintelizabethonline.com/...ly/index.shtml
Wonderful library system http://www.lincolnlibraries.org/ who love homeschoolers,
great children's museum http://www.lincolnchildrensmuseum.org/aLCM.php and children's zoo http://www.lincolnchildrenszoo.org/.
Great whole foods coop, http://openharvest.com/
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