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What will you be dressing your newborn in?

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I am so stumped by this...and I am sure there is already been a thread but I can't find one so I will ask again,
What is your newborn going to wear?

It gets hot here (Georgia) and I will be outside quite a bit...Taking DSD to her swim lessons, taking DD outside to the park and what not. During the summer we are out side in the heat and humidity most of the day.

I will probably be wearing a Moby. although I may get a lighter wrap depending on our finances...
My DD was born in October and I am assuming that her clothes are not going to work (pants and short sleve onsies) Maybe just the onsie? We bought all her 0-3mo stuff gender neutral so that we could use it with #2

And we keep our house around 78 during the summer is that to hot?

This is so confusing....I was born in July and my mom said she dressed me in long sleeves and swaddled me in warm layers...then she told me she never left the house so that does not really help. (and she keeps the house at like 65 I imagine it has always been that way)
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I had a summer baby last time too, and he usually just wore a onesie or a tshirt and diaper. I cooled him off with daily baths in the sink. If we went out he was in a wrap or sling so I didn't need him to be extra covered except for a hat. Sometimes the shade of my big brimmed hat covered him well too. We sat in the shade at parks, etc. It wasn't a big deal. Dress them as you would dress.

I have a handful of Under the Nile little crossover tshirts- I loved those.
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I don't think 78 in the house is too hot. People haven't always had AC in the summer time. That said, I am very hot natured and sweat like a pig postpartum and tend to keep my house really cool so i'll probably dress mine warmly for that. We do spend a lot of time outside and Korea is very hot and humid in the summer (more so than AL where I am from) so I will probably go with a onsie then and keep a blanket in my bag for when we are in the car. And I'm with you, I'll be looking for a lighter weight breathable wrap too.
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Yep. dd was born july 26 and wore onsies almost exclusively. They make short sleeve short legged "sleeper" type things as well. But that and one of those lightweight flannel blankets was MORE than enough!
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I'm having a tough time with this as well.

The climate here in July could rightly be compared to near what living on the surface on the sun is like. Well okay, that's an exaggeration- but temps here can get up to 50 celsius... I've forgotten what that is in fahrenheit- well over 100, maybe 120? So everywhere is airconditioned-sometimes overly airconditioned- but then it is sweltering hot outside. We like to keep our place moderately cooled- I don't like A/C generally, but it really is a necessity here. I think I'll just have to have all sorts of layers ready wherever we are.

I went shopping with a woman the other day who is due a week before I am and she bought all these insane blankets and travel bag things to wrap the baby up in because of A/C. Everyone keeps telling me to buy pants with feet and onesies with feet because babies' feet always get cold but they can't keep socks on. I dunno....

Dh and I are total opposites (though we both dislike A/C) in that he is more of a warm person, always sweaty and all that, and I am cold person with cold hands and feet no matter what the temperature. There's no telling if we'll have a warm baby or a cold baby.
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Hmm, I don't plan on dressing this lo too warmly since AC doesn't really exist in Germany - why should it? It's always cold and rainy here!
Anyhow, I'm thinking we're going for just a onsie or a t-shirt. If we're out and about, baby can wear a hat to protect his ears, and I can pack something warmer if it does suddenly get cool, windy, we're visiting someplace with AC, etc. I mean, gosh, what are those huge diaper bags for????
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50 celicus is is roughly anywhere between 120 and 130 farenheit!!! YIKES! I think putting baby in a shirt and then having a sleeper with you to put on inside and take off easily before going outside might work?? you can always bring a small hat with you as well....that stinks when there are such extreme changes!!!
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Wow, I guess this is one the times I can be thankful for our cooler climate. I need to be reminded of that right now while I am freezing through the last months of winter. It might be what I call hot (30 celcius, or even less if it's very humid) for a few weeks in the summer but mostly just nicely warm enough. We live beside a little lake, so jumping in there is all the A/C I need! I plan on getting a variety of things for baby to wear--most days a newborn will need to be fully covered unless it's a hot day.
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i've always heard babies are comfortable with one layer added to whatever mama is wearing (for example, if you are in a short sleeve t, maybe put baby in a long sleeve or a light jacket type thing) that being said, i feel like tons of moms i know over dress their kids and i can literally see the babies sweating!! it makes me so upset.....the moms are just trying to protect baby, but the baby is so obviously too hot....grrrr.

lastly--i think 78 could be too hot for when the babe is sleeping. i've read ranges of 65-70 and 68-72 for babies. i know overheating is a theory related to sids....

ps--soooo jealous you are in GA! used to live in augusta and my parents are in atlanta :-) looooooove it there!!!!
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Ds was born in May and I did a lot of long sleeve onsies with sweat pants that I could take on or off based on temp. I also used a receiving blanket a lot at first trying to swaddle him (cause I love holding a swaddled baby - but he always kicked out of it). This time I am thinking short sleeve onsies basically with some shorts or sweats and a receiving blanket on hand in case things get chilly indoors.

Also, you might want to consider having a cooler house at night. Being overheated is a risk factor for SIDS. Once it got hot when Ds was young, we just used a window unit in our bedroom at night or while he was napping.
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I'm really excited to have a summer baby......DD was a fall baby and it gets pretty chilly where I am so she was mostly in sleepers. I'm hoping this LO will be wearing mostly T-shirts and super cute cloth diapers. Baby legs or sleepers for cooler days.........or long sleeve t-shirts/onesies. I'll just pack extra layers in case he/she needs it.
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I am not sure on exact heat ratios related to sids etc etc . But honestly if you are comfortable the baby will be too. We lived in a small 2 bed apt over a garage with very little in the way of windows and alot in the way of heat! Dd was born in a record breaking heat wave and our house was at least 80 plus during the day and then maybe in the high 70's at night! Gotta love no air conditioning! I keep my house about 75 year round now (we have since moved) and its a comfortable tempurature for us. I would not say to bundle baby in a really warm sleeper, hat and swaddled if your homes is that warm, a onsie and a lightweight blanket is sufficent.

In this study, the scientists examined population data from 454 counties in 4 of the southern United States during the heat wave of the summer of 1980. They thought that if heat stress increases the risk for SIDS, more cases of SIDS should be reported when there was an increase in heat-related deaths in the general population. However, the study found no association between increased environmental temperature and cases of SIDS, during a period when heat-related deaths in the general population were at epidemic proportions. Although this study does not disprove the heat stress theory of SIDS, it provides support for the idea that high environmental temperatures do not increase the risk of SIDS.
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Onesies, Sandals, Hats.
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Originally Posted by expat-mama View Post
I went shopping with a woman the other day who is due a week before I am and she bought all these insane blankets and travel bag things to wrap the baby up in because of A/C. Everyone keeps telling me to buy pants with feet and onesies with feet because babies' feet always get cold but they can't keep socks on. I dunno....
DS was born in Houston mid-August. It's really cold indoors there, A/C crazy!
His basic uniform was a onesie and then I had light cotton pants for him and socks. I also had a couple of lightweight hoodies from Old Navy for him which were great.
The best socks to stay on a baby's feet are the triple fold ones from the GAP.
Always had a blanket in my bag just in case.

Funny that this baby will be born in a much cooler climate but wearing far fewer clothes. No-one has a/c in the UK!
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Onesies and probably a hat. That's it. We spent A LOT of time outside in the summer, if it ridiculously hot, which it was last summer, for Oregon. My 2 year old hasn't hardly ever worn clothes and he was a December baby. He just doesn't like the feeling of them. So I'm hoping this baby is like that so it'll save me laundry wise and since it will be nice we'll probably be going diaper free too, double laundry saver! Woot woot!
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If this is a girl, little sundresses. If it's a boy, a onesie or those one-pieces with shorts. Some short-sleeved gowns, maybe just t-shirts and onesies. Definitely nothing with long-sleeves or pants for July/August in Kentucky!
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DD was born September 25--just a few weeks before monsoon season descended on us in the Pacific Northwest here. However, even in the summer, we have the rare heat wave of a few weeks of 90+ temps, and then it gets reasonable again. I love it here so much more than my midwestern summers

With DD, she lived in those little cotton gowns with attached mittens for the first month or two--so easy to change her, kept her warm but not too warm, and we swaddled her at night. When we went out, she wore a lot of cotton sleepers, so I'm thinking that both the sleepers and the gowns will definitely get some use. Wrestling onesies on tiny floppy newborn bodies is really hard, so I think I'll pick up a bunch of front snap newborn t-shirts. If you cloth diaper, the cute diaper cover gives it an "outfit" look, but I'm also totally okay with a disposable diaper showing for around the house. I figure I will be using my slings and wraps a ton, and if it's really warm, I'll just stick him/her in there with just a diaper.

I'm knitting the bean a cotton blanket which should be nice for keeping around for going out.
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I'll be bringing MeiLi home in a chiffon ruffled purple onsie. It's spaghetti straps and almost looks like a dress. It's expensive but it's an important special day and she'll be wearing it for her first photos as well so I don't mind splurging and spending the 25 dollars on it. I like it because it's incredibly soft and very breathable.
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DD1 was a July baby and I started out following the whatever you are comfy in plus a layer but she was easily overheated and a sweaty babe. So she ended up in short sleeve outfits most of the time. The trickiest part was remembering to pack blankets when we went out because the ac indoors made it too chilly for her.

DD2 was a May baby and overheated more easily that dd1 so she was mostly in short sleeves form the get go i remember peeling her out of slings because she was all sweaty.
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I just have a second to answer this, so pardon me if this is a repeat response...

Wool cover and a t shirt
hat outside
solarveil sling if prolonged outside

We live in AZ, so I will probably trying NOT to go outside postpartum. It is Yuck yuck yucky here in July and August!!!

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