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Wacky Charlotte restaurants

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I did a search, but found precious little. We're Durham folks heading to Charlotte (hanging near Discovery Place, hotel in Kannapolis, have car and will travel for yummy food!) for my hubby's 40th b-day next weekend. It will be a very quick, low-key trip; but I'd love to find somewhere different to eat. We will have a 3.5yo in tow, so we need a place that's kid-compatible.

We love ethnic food, don't love seafood, and would enjoy good food with an experience: funky ambiance, live entertainment, eat-with-your-hands, retro/throwback, maybe a place that makes a big silly deal about the birthday boy. No eating restrictions, though I'm quite pregnant with mean heartburn, so cajun might be tough.

Suggestions, pretty please??
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Seriously, nothing? I guess my google-fu didn't fail me because I've found nuttin' there either. Bummer...
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I don't know about anything in Kannapolis, but there are a bunch of neat restaurants in Charlotte. Zada Janes is great.
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Thanks! Looks yummy! They are open on the weekends, right? (Just checking because the website isn't totally clear...)
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Saturdays and Sundays. Be prepared to wait. You may want to bring something for the kids to do.
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Kannapolis isn't very exciting for sure.

There's an ethiopian place in charlotte that is amazing. Its called Meskerem.

There is an interesting place in the Research Park that looks good http://www.restaurantfortysix.com/index.php they use some organic ingredients and local as well. But I've never been.

Also in Harrisburg, a little bit down on 85 from Kannapolis is Supper a locally owned restaurant that also uses some organic and local ingredients. http://time4supper.com/ They are good (we had their brunch the other day) and child-friendly.

Have a great trip!!
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I saw that ethiopian place online but had no idea if it was yummy or not.

Thanks for the other links, too... Part of our choice may depend on where we are when we get hungry.

Always up for more suggestions, too!!
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Check out the Chowhound forums, specifically the southeast forums. Not sure I can post a link, but they have tons of threads about restaurants in Charlotte and elsewhere in NC. Foodie forums!
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Chowhound! Of course! Oh thank you thank you! I can't believe I didn't think of that!

You all rock!
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