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Wiping Baby Girl?

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Hey there!

DH and I are confused here... I thought that you were NOT suppposed to open the labia to wipe; he thought he was supposed to. Does anyone know?

Of course I'm talking about standard pees/ poops... not blowouts where poo actually does get up where it isn't supposed to be.

DD is seven months old and has some white stuff in there that I happened to notice this morning. Doesn't smell like yeast; daycare provider doesn't think it's yeast either.

What's the wiping standard?
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The white stuff is normal and should be left alone, and yes, you have to gently clean the poo out of all the nooks and crannies.
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I only open the labia to wipe if there is poo. And when I wipe in there it is only with plain water on a cloth wipe, no wipe solution.
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Thanks. I'll switch to water and see if it helps, and I'll pass this along to my DH.
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My DH is a grad student getting his MFA in poetry and just recently wrote a poem that mentions this, lol. I believe he's the only one in class reading poems about changing diapers and the new 'front to back' skills he's learning.

To answer the actual question and stop hijacking, I check after a big blowout, but don't enter in to clean after a pee. I really don't want to irritate her at all. The Dr. Sears book said that the white stuff can stay, so I leave it alone unless there seems to be a lot of it. I think once or twice I've given it a wipe and DD is almost 6 months now.
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I don't after a pee but feel I need to after a poo, because usually she poos up the front and the back lately - she's switching to 1-2 poos a day you see! So I don't want to risk a yeast infection or anything brewing up there. I will gently clean with a wipe, front to back, making sure everything poopy is out
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