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Wait listed at Midwifery of Manhattan

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I'm pregnant with my first and in my 14th week. Looking to switch care from my ob/gyn to a midwife. I would like to deliver at a Birth Center of which it seems there is only SLR or Brooklyn Birthing Center. I have heard mixed results for the center in Brooklyn and raving results for SLR so naturally I want to go there.

Midwifery of Manhattan was highly recommended to me but they are full for my due date. I have been wait listed and am 3rd or 4th on the list. Does anyone know of anyone that has made it through the list and was delivered by them or am I just hold onto lost hope? I would love to work with them.

I'm nervous about this so called the other midwifes on SLR's website that deliver there. It seems everyone else is booked except Tamara Belkin, CNM. I can't find any reviews of her work and this makes me anxious too.

Help please.
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I've been to births with Tamara and she's lovely. The midwife, Sabine, who works with her is also great. You could call and just ask for a consultation. You have the right to shop for a care provider - you are paying for their services.

Also, you should definitely ask about the statistics on how many people who are scheduled to birth at the SLR birth center actually do. In my experience as a doula, overwhelmingly most (almost all I've met) people end up in L & D for various reasons, some of them as benign as "the nurse in the birthing center called out sick". They say you will have a "birthing center experience" in L & D, but if you want your partner to stay overnight, be prepared to pay $850 for a private room, if they aren't all taken. Otherwise he goes home and is separated from you and the new baby. You are also charged with caring for the baby alone, unless of course, you'd like to send the baby to the nursery.

If you don't live too far from the Brooklyn Birthing Center, take a tour, ask questions. I think their numbers are much better and their transfer rate is around 25%. Feel free to shop around. You will find a place and a care provider you feel wonderful about, but keep searching until you do. You'll be so glad you did!
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Hi Manfred,

I'm currently going with Georgia Rose who also delivers at he birth center at SLR. I just went on the tour and am waiting to hear back about taking the birth center classes. Have you called her? So far my experience with her has been positive. I've read some mixed reviews out there about her but have read them about everyone and am just going with my gut. Plus, I'm almost 30 weeks and she was one of the only ones who would take me on after changing from my OB. I also met with Tamara Belkin, but you have to meet the resident OB at her office first. I didn't know this was going to happen when I made the appt. and was a little put off since the reason why I was swtichiing was because I didn't want an OB and you will see the OB there, just not as often. I also found the office to be a little out dated and kind of dirty. I'm sure it was perfectly clean but it just didn't give me a good vibe personally. Both Tamara and Sabine were lovely and had there not been the OB and office issues I would've chosen them.
As for the birth center, I've yet to know if I'm going to be able to deliver there. I also hear it's hard to get in there but am going to take my chances. I had a friend who planned on delivering at the center but it was closed when she went into labor, New Years Eve. So she had her baby in L&D and said that she still had a great experience. Plus, she said she had a little bit of difficulty with nursing and was grateful that she got to stay around a little longer and get help from the nurses. I'm hoping that won't be the case for me but am also learning that there are just some things I'm not going to be able to control. I really wish NY had more options in birthing centers, and maybe next time around I'll decide to do it at home and skip all the drama.
If you're close enough to the Brooklyn Birthing Center I would still check it out. You're opinion may vary alot from someone else's so it's good to do your own research. Who knows, you may love it! And then you know you can definitely deliver there! It's just too far away for me to consider.
Sorry for writing a novel but hope that helps! I know I've been constantly asking questions and have found the whole midwife/birth center thing to be really overwhelming. Who knew it would be so difficult right? Hope you find the place you feel best!
Happy and Healthy Pregnancy!
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Hi, my son was born at brooklyn birthing center and I have served as a doula at SLR. I would be happy to share stories about both places with you, if you'd like.
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Thank you all for your help! I am going to go ahead and meet with Dr. Belkin though you can't go in for just a consultation at her office. Probably because of having to meet the OB?

Marnie, I would love to hear your experiences at both Birthing Centers when you have time to share. I am only a mile or so north of the Brooklyn Birthing Center and it would be a lot more convenient to get to during labor!

I feel like I should still be early enough in my pregnancy that I can look around but it seems very cut-throat with the midwifes that are around being booked by the second month of a client's pregnancy.
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Is this your first child? If so, I recommend avoiding St. Luke's Birthing Center and look into other alternatives.  Tamara Belkin and Sabine Jeudy at Dr. Paka's office deliver about 100-150 births a month, 5-6 of them are in the Birthing Center.  Your odds are quite slim to deliver in the Birthing Center with them, since most of their patients go to them originally in hopes of delivering there.  Don't be led into believing that you won't be risked out, because you likely will.  If you want an medically assisted birth with a midwife, feel free to use them. 


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Tamara and Sabine are lovely midwives. They are very supportive of natural childbirth. I had my first baby with Tamara in 2008 and it was an amazing experience. She was calm and understanding throughout the whole experience. Dr. Paka who is the OB in their practice is an exceptional OB. I had a miscarriage last year and had to have a procedure afterwards. I was glad she was in the practice to treat me at the hospital. I am expecting another baby now and have seen all three at their practice. I feel comfortable with all of them and know that whatever happens, I will be well-attended to in their practice. I had not trouble entering the birthing center last time and have multiple friends who have delivered there too without issues. I hope this time things will be as smooth - in any birth there is always the chance of something coming up. But I think that Tamara and Sabine do all they can to provide for women who are committed to natural childbirth in the birthing center or upstairs in L&D.

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I had the most amazing birthing experience with Sabine.  She is lovely, focused, attentive, calm and experienced.  I trusted her completely during the entire process.  My entire pregnancy with sabine and tamara was easy and painless.  They are just wonderful people and work extremely hard to give you the birth you want.  I also had a wonderful experience with SLR.  I had no problems getting a room, the nurses were incredible and attentive and we left 15 hours after my daughter was born.  They are truly a wonderful group of women and  if you know you want a natural birth they will work with you 100 percent to encourage you and help you through it.  

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I have heard good things about Tamara Belkin, but never met her personally. I have met Dr. Renuka Paka, and I had a baby with the midwife that worked with them at the time. I really liked Dr. Paka and would choose her if I needed to use an OB for any reason. She has a calm manner and a lot of perspective and patience. 

When I was pregnant in '09, despite having 2 births in SLR birthing center, my midwife told me that they were severely restricting the birth center use. She said that a good portion of those who show up ready to use the birth center, can't because it's full. Or you get risked out. We went to a different hospital which was really great. Especially because I delivered at 37 weeks, so I wouldve risked out!


Find a care provider who you trust and respect. Then go into labor prepared for anything. 

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I just found out I am pregnant again and would like to do a natural birth instead of a medicated one.  Would you recommend SLR or Brooklyn birthing center?  I am living in Queens so either one will probably be about the same distance. 

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jackie92b, my friend delivered at the BBC and had some difficulty with a midwife there so for her second child (right now) she had been going to the SLR, but just found out that that midwife who was not very supportive as the others has left and is no longer attending labors, so she is switching back to to BBC.  I have not had experience with either one, but from her feedback I would definitely visit the BBC to check it out.  just my 2c

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