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Hey - all you mamas out there with babies already, how are you handling the visitors? Our pediatrician was clear about there being a LOT of RSV around here, and requiring people to hand wash and not kiss face or hands. Any of you experiencing that? How are you handling visitors?

I am about to be in law invaded tomorrow, and they historically think I am crazy about germs and do not listen to me. Panicking already, and praying for a snowstorm!!!!
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Sending snowflakes your way! We have a lot of RSV here too...my cousin's preemie ended up back in the hospital with it and apparently there were 68 babies admitted!

I totally understand about the germ thing. Last time DH seemed to think I only told his family wash up before touching my baby...but really, my family just knew to do it and I didn't have to say anything.

I say just don't back down, any sort of coughing, sneezing, sniffling and say hands off the baby. Who cares if they are upset with you -- it's your job to keep your baby safe, not theirs. They'll get over it and if not, maybe they won't visit anymore

When DS was just a few weeks old, I heard my MIL blowing her nose and sniffling/coughing for quite awhile in the morning as she was getting up. I told her she couldn't hold DS, and she started getting all defensive saying she wasn't ill, it was just her sinuses draining like they always do. Too bad for her, she didn't hold him. I should have told her, next time stay at a hotel and I won't hear your mucous draining...hehehe. (Actually this time they are required to stay in a hotel, no way am I having houseguests for the first few months - at least!)
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Given the girls are preemies, we have to be extra extra careful.

We didn't have ANYONE over for the first week. Now that that is over, people can come....but they have to use sanitizer, cannot be sick (or been sick for the last three days), and if they are a smoker cannot wear clothes they have smoked in that day.

We also do not have a lot of people over at once.

We do not leave the house except for doctors appointments. And I have little signs to put on their carseats telling the world NOT TO TOUCH them (I don't need strangers sticking their hands in their faces).

We will be doing this until the end of RSV season, which will be about mid April.
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Originally Posted by Zevy View Post
And I have little signs to put on their carseats telling the world NOT TO TOUCH them (I don't need strangers sticking their hands in their faces).

That's a great idea! Especially for old ladies, they always want to touch their hands.
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Great ideas everyone! I am putting mittens on her hands and a cute hat on her head....and telling them no kissing at all! DH's father is a smoker, and I don't even want him in here, since the smell makes me sick. I have a similar problem with an aunt of mine...I just don't get why people think it is ok to be ill and visit a newborn baby. And then want to hold it!!!!!! ACK!

Not enough snow to keep them away. Rats.
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We do the hat, the little mittens for his hands, and swaddling him on top of that...there is VERY little left for them to get their germs on...my older children are the worst culprits, however...I'm thankful we homeschool or I'm sure we'd be VERY ill...good luck!
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Well, ca-rap. How does RSV differ from a cold? DD1, DH and I all have colds- DD1 having the worst with fever and cruddy cough. Here they just tell me she either has immunity from me or that exposure to colds builds their immunity. I was so careful with DD1, but what if the mother herself is the culprit?
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We have had a lot of visitors. The ones who want to hold the baby have been good about washing their hands. I am taking my older daughter to preschool every day and I have to go inside and get her settled, etc (kind of complicated as it involves a shoe change among other things) so I figure she's already getting exposed to some things. I generally wear Anneliese in a wrap so no one has a chance to touch her there and I hope that being so close to me serves as some kind of preventative.

I am basically the opposite of a germophobe. I do wish we could stay home more, but only because I'm kind of lazy.

If I had a preemie I'm sure I would be much more concerned.
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Lucy obviously does have a cold too. Stupid me. She's in a carrier as much as I can handle after the c-section, but DD1 is a snotty, germy mess, and probably so am I. Now I'm doubly worried about SIDS because she's really stuffy. cr*p cr*p cr*p. GP said not to worry too much, but I still am!
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