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Originally Posted by musiclovinglife View Post
So what would you all do if you were me? Would you wait until you got your sun card again after 3 months for me a returning Canadian, or start TTC as soon as we arrive? I can't seem to decide!
My first appointment is next Thursday, I'll ask for you.

ETA - I think you could safely start TTC now, or say after a 1 month wait. Even if you got preg right away (which I hope you do but be prepared that it almost always takes longer than that), your first appointment won't be till about 12 weeks so you should have your card by then. I'm 99% sure they don't ask for your card number until the first appointment (ie. not on the phone or at the info session) but that's what I'll ask about. You may be able to go to the info session before getting your BFP and that would speed things up - then once you get your BFP, you can be put right on the waiting list instead of waiting until after you've been to an info session, which could be a few weeks if there aren't any scheduled. Hope this makes sense. I'll ask what they recommend and will post again late next week.
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Originally Posted by shenanegans View Post
Its interesting to read all of these responses. I am due in July and put my name on all of the waiting lists when I was 13days past ovulation. I got a positive test before my period was even due. I am 23 weeks now and around week 17 I started calling the birth centers to get the scoop. Basically since I am due in the summer, 1st baby to be born in Montreal. The chances of getting in are even lower! Many of the midwifes go on vacation and they don't hire replacements. I attended my friends birth in Pt. Claire last spring so I was able to speak with the midwife recently about this waiting list situation. It was definitely discouraging. I wasn't willing to give up and luckily I just had my 2nd appointment with a private homebirth midwife today. The will attend my birth in July at home. I sure wish the spaces and services at the birth centers were more widely available, because now it seems like you only have a chance to get in if it is your 2nd baby there. I plan to write some letters to the local MP.
I didn't know there were private midwives in Quebec. I thought they all had to be associated with a Maison de naissance. Can you please tell me more? I'm set now but would still like to know all the options for the future and for passing on to friends. ETA - never mind, I just got caught up on the HB in Montreal thread so saw all the info about "underground" midwives.

I'm so sorry to hear about the situation in Montreal in this thread and the other one. It's true that there is wayyy more demand than there are available midwives in Quebec. In the province's defense, there is a huge push on now to increase the services. In a nutshell, above-board midwifery was basically shut down for several decades but the govt is very much in support of making it as available as possible in the future. In no small part because the MDN safety and satisfaction records are incredibly high. There have been several articles in our papers here in the last few years. I understand that the money exists (though of course that can change quickly from one budget to the next) and the plans are in place to open more and more MDNs but the main limitation right now is training midwives. The only school is in Trois Rivieres and it is limited in the number of graduates it can produce. I've been told that Quebec midwives have to be trained in TR, outside qualifications are not transferable. Hopefully I'm wrong about that as it's totally ridiculous and limiting. However, it looks likely that our daughters will have much better access to midwives and natural birth support than we do now...for what that's worth.
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Oh thank you, JessieBird, you're so nice!

I didn't think of going to the info session before my BFP, that's a great idea! I will also have a private insurance for the first 3 months, so at least I'll be able to use it should I need care for PG...But if they don't take me, does anyone know when is the first appointment with an OB/GYN in Gatineau?

I also read on the Sun Card web site that they reimburse services due to PG and labor if you don't have your card yet, not sure if I read that right but if so, it'd be a plus!

DH is quite stressed about our upcoming move, and he wants to take one thing at a time and make sure our situation is stable. We're learning though that it might take a while before we can get a mortgage due to his need to build a new history of credit from scratch anyway, so I don't mind renting for a couple of years with a baby.

I'm glad that they don't ask for the sun card at the info session!!!
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Yes, as far as I know the midwives in Qc have to be trained in Quebec and employed though one of the 3 birthcenters to work here. Obviously they don't have that many spaces to employ midwives. My midwife was trained in the US so her education is not recognized here. ridiculous.
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