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private school to homeschool in a day...

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I am pulling my 1st grade son out of private school on Monday to begin homeschooling him. It is a long story but this is the best option for him. This will be a big change and I am taking the leap without any preparation but I have confidence this is best.

His school has been using the A Beka curriculum and I would like to continue it at home. I will have all his textbooks and am interested in how best to go about teaching him. WOuld you recommend I buy the teacher books?
What do you think of the video streaming or dvd option? I wondered if that will coincide with his current school books and lessons. Does anyone know if it possible to just pay a fee for the video streaming he needs and the teacher kit? It is pricey and it will only be until May.

Any other suggestions you have to make this a smooth transition will be appreciated. Thanks!
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A lot of parents go a little overboard at first as far as curriculum goes. I've never used Abeka, but if having more support makes you more comfortable about your ability to homeschool, go for it. You don't have to keep it up, and a lot of things can be resold later. At any rate, it's gotta be cheaper than private school!!
A lot of folks really recommend "de-schooling" for a little bit. FOcus on his interests, museum trips, crafts and the like for a little while. Especially if he was under a lot of stress in school, it gives you both a chance to regroup!
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I second what mntnmom says. A smooth transition doesn't mean continuing the same sort of routine and curriculum as at school. It doesn't mean quickly and seamlessly establishing a routine for school at home. A smooth transition means taking time to revel in the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling, so that you and your ds really come to appreciate the differences between it and school. Because really, that's what will ignite your passions and get you creatively inventing learning approach that will work even without the support and structure of an institution. Go to the pool, or go out for ice cream or hot chocolate. Spend a day hiking and photographing along a nature trail. Check out a Children's Museum or Science Discovery Centre. Bake muffins an visit an elderly friend. Try out some funky science experiments. Start growing a garden. Have a home movie marathon.

I don't have any experience with Abeka, so I can't help with specifics. I will say that my curriculum-buying principle is to never buy anything until it's clear that it will fill an consistently identified need. And that principle has never steered me wrong. I'd suggest not buying things "in case you might need them," especially not this early in the game.

Welcome to the adventure. Have fun!

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Welcome to homeschooling.

I wouldn't buy curriculum right away. You can get interesting and educational books/projects, etc.

And attend educational events.
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People do tend to go overboard in the begining. Then they taper off and tailor homeschooling to fit themselves better (or they give up). You will likely do fine without the teachers manuals, but if you want them, go ahead and order them. I would only order the DVDs if you do not want to, or just don't have the time to, do the teaching. That is fine if things are that way. I am using DVDs for some subjects for my highschoolers.
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