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Insight about Brothers?

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Hi Jamie,

I have two half-brothers who are still very young. We have the same father. I have been extremely involved in their lives since their birth and they have spent a great deal of time with me. However, the difficulties of bringing them to my home and spending time with them have really taken a toll on me and I haven't been very involved with that side of the family lately. I have always been close to my brothers and this situation makes me very sad. I feel a great deal of guilt and confusion at times. So I guess my question in its simplest terms is this: What am I supposed to do about this situation? I go back and forth all the time with my decisions and never feel at peace with any of them. Thank you!
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I feel strongly that you are not meant to continue caring for them as you have been. Interestingly enough, I don't feel like you were ever supposed to, but it was something you just took on b/c thats the kind of person you are. However, I dont think your life can be fulfilled in the way you need it to be if you continue the way you are. You have done so much for them already. You need to stop feeling guilty. The one thing I know for sure, is that you are not meant to continue doing as much as you have up to this point. What you are doing now, by distancing yourself is the right thing.

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Thank you.
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