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Feeling Dread and Stress

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Hi Everybody,

I have a wonderful 19 month old daughter. I never really intended to nurse this long and I don't know how to even begin the weaning process. For a long time, I have felt like I don't want to nurse anymore and I just want my body back. My DD is constantly tearing at my shirts and unlatching my bras and gets furious (and sometimes sad) when I tell her no. She was very high need and it seems my breastfeeding experience was a little more intense than my friends and family. From birth, she nursed around the clock and now, she still wants to nurse all the time. My breasts hurt, my nipples are always sore and when she latches on she twists and turns and never sits still. Now, sometimes I just get so irritated, I just say, "No, not right now, please" because when she starts to nurse, I feel a stress reaction throughout my whole body. Please give me advice on how to do this, I would like to be completely weaned in a month to two months. I know alot of women here nurse for up to three years or more, but I know I am done, emotionally and physically and want to do this with love and compassion so it is a good experience for the both of us.
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*hugs* I have a 19mo too and she is very high needs as well. It is definitely okay to set limits, but it seems like the only way that successfully works for us is to distract, distract, distract. If she wants to nurse, I offer food if I'm feeling totally touched out. I do want to nurse for a longer while as DD had dairy allergies, and so we are going to at least 2.

Do you think you might be able to make it until 21 months? I was reading and between 17-21 months, kids are VERY clingy/asserting their independence. The article I was reading was in regards to doing sleep training or nightweaning during that time, but I'm guessing with our higher needs kids, that weaning in general would most likely apply. I'm guessing that is why they have been SO touchy lately; it's the age.

*hugs* to you - it's definitely rough having a high needs kid, and I totally understand your feelings. I would just distract, and try to be out and about to where it's easier for you to cut down during the day. Maybe parks and stores and stuff like that?
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