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Feeling Dread and Stress

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Hi Everybody,

I have a wonderful 19 month old daughter. I never really intended to nurse this long and I don't know how to even begin the weaning process. For a long time, I have felt like I don't want to nurse anymore and I just want my body back. My DD is constantly tearing at my shirts and unlatching my bras and gets furious (and sometimes sad) when I tell her no. She was very high need and it seems my breastfeeding experience was a little more intense than my friends and family. From birth, she nursed around the clock and now, she still wants to nurse all the time. My breasts hurt, my nipples are always sore and when she latches on she twists and turns and never sits still. Now, sometimes I just get so irritated, I just say, "No, not right now, please" because when she starts to nurse, I feel a stress reaction throughout my whole body. Please give me advice on how to do this, I would like to be completely weaned in a month to two months. I know alot of women here nurse for up to three years or more, but I know I am done, emotionally and physically and want to do this with love and compassion so it is a good experience for the both of us.
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In your situation maybe start by limiting how long she nurses. Say she can nurse until the end of the Happy Birthday song, or the ABC song or something...this might help the stress, if you know it will only last a few minutes.
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*hugs* That does sound stressful! I'm going to move this out to Breastfeeding Beyond Infancy forum. We have some threads about active weaning out there already, and hopefully you'll find some great advice.
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Our story is in "How I Naturally Weaned My Babies...", but I'll reproduce it here. My daughter weaned at around 22 months. She was showing signs of being close to being done and was night-weaned, so this worked easily for us. Your mileage may vary...

I used distraction to cut out daytime nursing sessions slowly. Even just delaying them for a while was a victory for a while. But eventually we cut down to just nursing on waking and at bedtime (she no longer napped).

One morning, she just... didn't ask to nurse. We used to wake up, nurse, then read. This time, she went right to the books. She LOVES books.

So we were just nursing at night. I started counting while we nursed. I started out with letting her nurse for 2 minutes on each side, and she didn't protest when switched from side to side or put into bed. I cut down 10 seconds per night. It only took about a week, but one night, when I laid her down to nurse, she popped back up and asked to go into bed. And we were done!
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