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Must. Stop. Eating.

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Seriously, I have turned a corner and my reasonable appetite has now, at 21 weeks grown into a monster that cannot be satisfied.

Eggs and a big bowl aof fruit for breakfast, then a granola bar, then 1/2 of an apple tart my husband brought home fromt he farm store, then egg salad, then more fruit, then cheese, then celery stalks, then our friend's homemade pepperoni, then a yogurt and it's only 4:00!!!! And seriously, I'm still hungry. The only reason I'm not currently eating again is becasue I"m kind of grossed out by my appetite and I swear I caught my husband giving me a concerned glance as I wandered into the kitchen just now.

I'm 21 weeks. Gained 17 lbs so far. So not horrible but at this rate I'm looking at 50...
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It looks like you are eating a lot of fruit/carbs. Maybe increase your proteins/fats a bit?

Fruit never keeps me full. I could eat a big bowl for breakfast and an hour later be scavenging for more.

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I feel you, totally! I've been hungry for months, and eating without much restraint at all - and here I am at 34 weeks, having gained 45 pounds already . I'm pretty small to begin with, so no one seems really concerned - but I'm starting to wonder if that means I'm going to gain 60+ by the end of this thing?! And I am hurting from being so heavy and carrying this weight around (in my back and hips).
It sounds terrible, but I'm sort of like, "where's all of that indigestion and squeezed stomach feeling I've been hearing about?". Because I can eat almost nonstop and never feel totally full these days.
And my cravings for sweets are through the roof, even for me (I naturally have a big sweet tooth already!). I try to eat lots of vegetables, whole grains, and good proteins - but there always seems to be plenty of room for fruit, cookies, ice cream, candy.
I"m starting to worry DH and myself... I guess everyone's "normal" is different, and as long as you're making sure you get the stuff you need in there, enjoy it while you can?

I wanted to add to what I wrote here above, because I felt afterwards like I just dumped my panicky 3rd trimester feelings on you, and in fact it doesn't sound like you're even eating that ridiculous of an amount! I was the same way at your stage, but there's no reason you'll gain as much as I am and even if you do, who cares as long as you're feeling good?
I totally remember that "I will never get enough food in me and we will starve!!" feeling regardless of how much I ate. But then I would get to a point (usually by eating something like mashed potatoes and gravy - which can fill up anyone!) where I felt way TOO full and stretched, and then a few days later would notice the bump was much bigger and I was back to a normal appetite. So I bet your babe is just going through a growth spurt! Enjoy, eat up, and remember that even when you're resting, or sleeping, or even while you're eating, your body is doing things to grow a whole other human, and for that it must have MORE. FOOD!
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i really don't think it sounds like you are eating that much either.. i have to eat all day.. 2 breakfasts, lunch, snack, and 2 dinners most days.. i try to eat smaller portions but i'm still eating a lot more than 'normal'.. so far thankfully i've not gained much weight, but i usually gain more in the 2nd trimester to make up for what i didn't gain early on.. (i'm 10.5 weeks and have only gained 2lbs, yet somehow i'll be up 50lbs by the end)
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I think I've just realized that I can't eat the same amount as I did before,or I start to feel sick. I just ate a bowl if chili. It's good and I'm kinda still a bit hungry,though not for chili but my stomach is saying "no way not another bite of anything else" so I guess I'd better listen to that.
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Well add to my list of foods yesterday cheese, a hamburger, bread, green beans, and a slice of berry pie the size of my head. OK granted this was dinner at a farmer friend's house so it was all their own food (they raise grass fed black angus and veggies) but still...scale reported a 5 lb gain in um, about 2 days. I have officially gained 20 lbs.

Will plan to eat watermelon and drink fennel tea today. Mayeb I can pee out a few lbs lol
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Originally Posted by BarnMomma View Post
Well add to my list of foods yesterday cheese, a hamburger, bread, green beans, and a slice of berry pie the size of my head. OK granted this was dinner at a farmer friend's house so it was all their own food (they raise grass fed black angus and veggies) but still...scale reported a 5 lb gain in um, about 2 days. I have officially gained 20 lbs.

Will plan to eat watermelon and drink fennel tea today. Mayeb I can pee out a few lbs lol
OMG, BarnMomma, that dinner sounds delicious! No advice for you, but wow that sounds gooooooood!

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I personally feel that is a reasonable weight gain, that being said I have always gained 50lbs with my babies and had 9lbers. Each diet with each child was so varied it was like I was conducting my own experiment to see which diet would cause me to gain less. Answer, none. The difference really came in losing it. The weight gained with the healthier diets came off faster, the first baby I was a purist (and younger, granted, with that faster metabolism) that weight flew off with BF'ing. My second I was addicted to oreos, which is gross, and that weight STUCK like a stalker. I think your eating reasonable foods and should not worry...like a pp said, if your really worried increase your protein...
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I vote for growth spurt. I also get that "there won't be enough food for me" panic, too, and it always makes me gain 50 lbs.
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I'm 27 weeks, and I've gained 27 pounds so far (or maybe more). I gained 45-50 pounds with previous pregnancies, so I guess it's the norm for me. I feel like I've been eating non-stop lately as well, and my sweet tooth has been terrible too. It wasn't that bad with my other pregnancies, so this is kind of new for me. To make you feel better, I have easily lost the weight by nursing both times, so I'm hoping I'll be so lucky this time around. Just try not to stress too much about it.
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I think I'm stressing because I never lost all the weight to begin with. I still had 7 lbs lingering. And I nursed DS up until, oh about 4 weeks ago when everything dried up....he's over 2.5 yrs old. Nursing was never the magic diet for me AT ALL. If anything my body held onto the weight longer becasue of it.

It also seems as if I'm carrying this baby in my thighs and butt. That's where the weight is going. My tunny is relatively trim for 21 weeks.
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I'm almost 13 weeks and have been eating non-stop for almost the whole 3 months! My eating keeps me from getting sick and I'm starving all the time! If I go an hour without eating, I'm very happy! I've gained about 12 pounds which I guess is okay since I started lowish.
Eating lots of protein and whole wheat carbs keeps me full longer so try that!!
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I hear ya!!! I'm only 9 weeks and it's started already. I'm *constantly* hungry and my nausea gets worse on an empty stomach. I was an eating machine with my son too and I lost it all simply breastfeeding, thank goodness! I hope to be that lucky again with this one. I have quite the sweet tooth normaly but these past few weeks, I'm all about the savory. Not to say that I'll pass up a sweet treat if it presents itself! Although something I didn't have with my last pregnancy is all this bloating, gas and indigestion. It's a bad combination to be hungry all the time and then have those side effects.
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I'm 20 weeks and my appetite has kicked in, for sure. Beyond just the nausea FINALLY being gone and being able to digest food other than cereal - I'm actually HUNGRY. I can feel the pounds packing on...

Let's call it a growth spurt & move on, ok?

(but I agree w/pp about adding more protein - fills you up longer)
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Between weeks 10 and 12 I was -so- hungry at night. Would wake up 3 times a night to eat. Thought that was just not right. My father (a doctor) suggested that I try taking calcium/magnesium before bed and see what happens. So I did, and I also took a "D" because I am low.... lo and behold I made it through the night no problem. And every night since then for the next week, basically.

So, I think if youre eating a lot yet feeling hungry constantly that it might be a mineral imbalance. Get your Chem Panel run by your doctor, see if youre low on anything and then the usual culprits are Ca/Mg (also called dolomite at natural stores) and Potassium... -no one- gets enough Potassium. Farmers just dont use K in their fertilizers any more and the soils are 100% depleted.

Hope this helps.

(PS I take my pre-natal every day, it wasn't giving me near enough).
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