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Home Births in SLC area

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Hi, I'm new here. Looking for a place to be my natural birthing crunchy self, lol.

I live in South Jordan, and have one DD, who we had naturally at a birth center with a midwife in Holladay in 2007 and we're expecting DD#2 this June. We were planning on delivering at the new IHC hospital in Riverton with a different midwife this time (due to various reasons) and we just found out our insurance doesn't cover that hospital, it only covers Jordan Valley, which doesn't allow midwives to birth there.. No way do I feel comfortable letting an OB I don't know at a hospital that's that unfriendly to natural birth have any control over my birth.

So, now we're looking into home births. I could go back to the birth center, but the more I look into it, the more and more home birth seems just as safe and easier. I never really considered a home birth before, and so I feel like I'm a new mom again, learning everything for the first time..

so I'm wondering.. anyone out there done a home birth in my area? How did it work for you? Were you glad you did it? Do you have any suggestions? I'd love to hear any experiences. Just trying to wrap my mind around this new development. THANKS!
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Rebecca Williams, who used to be at the Birth and Family place, now does homebirths and has her very own birth center. I loved her! I paid out-of-pocket for her. I don't know if you had her or Becky at BFP, so I hope that helps!

eta: she is in Murray.
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I just had my baby with Heather Hohnston at Birth Wise http://www.birthwisemc.com/ Love Her!! She was compleatly intuned to what I needed durring the entire process and handled the 'emergency' we had spectacularly well.

My advice: interview, interview, interview. When you find a midwife you love and 'click' with go with her.

Homebirth was the best experience of my life!
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Lizzy, Rebecca is who delivered my little girl. And I loved her too. When I started going to the hospital birthing midwife I couldn't believe the difference. I just felt like I was at a dr's office. 10 min appt's, 45 mins in the waiting room. I thought all midwives were as great at Rebecca.. now I know better! lol.

If we do go the home birth route we will probably use Rebecca this time too. I've talked to her and she actually had a free space in her schedule when I am due. I've thought about just going to her new birth center, which looks great! But one of the worst parts of the birth to me was laboring in the car. I had a really quick labor, (woke up 3pm from a nap with some major contractions, walked thru the door at 4:55 at 5cm and had her at 5:55) and it just seems like home birth is just as safe as the birth center, she said she brings all the safety equip with her..

and the thought of not having to get into a car... sounds amazing.

rose - can I ask what 'emergency' you had? This is what the few people I've told I'm thinking about keep asking.. what if something goes wrong. I'm like 10 mins from the hospital if we need to transfer, and I really think a lot of the 'emergencies' can be handled better by someone less scalpel happy. But I'm trying to wrap my brain around what is it that could go wrong and what people have done.

Thanks for the replies!! It's so nice to feel like I'm not alone out here.. all my friends think I'm nuts.. but then again, they thought I was nuts to go naturally in the first place. sad.
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I did hypnobirthing with #2 and had no problems in the car! And her tub is AMAZING!

When are you due?

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I did Bradley classes with DD1 and I really liked them. I'm actually taking them again for a fun, refresher course with another friend who's taking them for the first time.

I'm due June 14th
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I had a home birth with Melissa Mayo. She lives in Sandy, so if you have a quick labor, she's not too far away. My birth wasn't easy, but I am glad I did it. I was so tired when I was all done, and it was so nice to just curl up in my own bed with my new baby.

I sometimes wonder if I would have ended up with a C-section in a less than supportive hospital. Between conceiving late in my cycle, going overdue, DD going breech at 37 weeks and then going back, being posterior in labor, turning around at the last minute, DD having a big head and coming out with her hand up by her head adding to the size I had to push out, I really do wonder what would have happened in a hospital, but I did it... all at home with no drugs. Melissa helped me stay calm and patient and trust my body and watch it do what it was created to do.
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