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my ship has sunk.

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I lived aboard this ship for 10 months back when I was 18-19.
She is now at the bottom of the Atlantic, which we crossed 3 times.

I know many people won't understand, but a ship is much more than an inanimate object to those who have crewed one. She is as much a part of the experience as the 33+ ports we visited and the friends I made on board, some of which are still my best friends, 8 years later.

Anyway, on to the news..
She was hit by a microburst 300 miles off the coast of Brazil. This was a freak accident. She was incredibly seaworthy and well built and maintained. I faced a hurricane onboard and saw 30ft seas more than once. The crew managed to evacuate (48 students, 8 teachers, 8 professional crew) and spent 40 hours in life rafts on rough seas, not knowing if they would be rescued.
Everyone is ok. A little worse for the wear, but alive.
My captain, who logged over 300,000 nautical miles aboard her, passed away a few months ago after a fight with brain cancer. I can't help but think that she just couldn't go on without her captain.
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Oh how sad and heartbreaking that is!

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This is so sad. What a memorable ship it was for you.
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Oh wow. I'm so sorry. It sounds like it was a very special experience.
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