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PP menses

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Anyone else get theirs yet? Mine showed up today. At least it appears to be. :sigh: I'm nursing 12+ times a day and it still shows up early. I'm 8 weeks out now. I got pp menses at this time with dd2

I got it at 9 weeks with ds1 and I obviously wasn't breastfeeding. Weird. I didn't have to deal with a period for 8 months after having dd1.

At least now I get to order cloth pads. I'm excited. Don't ask me why.
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It might not be. See here http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=1192940

I stopped bleeding at 5.5 weeks and then at 7 weeks, I started up again. I thought it was AF. Got advice here saying it may not be. I called my mw and she confirmed that many of her clients will have a random bleed at 6-8 weeks and then not for a long time.

Only time will tell if mine truly was AF or not. I'm also nursing 10-15 times a day
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I read through that after I posted. I stopped spotting/bleeding at 4 weeks pp. Had water and ew cm last week and now the spotting. That's how it was with ds2.

I've wondered if it's still part of pp bleeding. The criteria of LAM says:

The mother must not have had a period after 56 days post-partum (when determining fertility, bleeding prior to 56 days post-partum can be ignored).
I remember an LC saying bleeding after this is considered a return of menses. Hmm.
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Britt, I got mine back last Friday at 11 weeks. I started charting again so we'll see, but I did starting getting fertility signs about 2 weeks ago. I got AF back at 16 weeks (12 week spotting) after Gavin, and 7 weeks after Evie. Both those past times it came back like clockwork every month after.
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i got it at 8 weeks last time, and i'm at 10 1/2 weeks with no period. i already consider that a miracle.
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Not in your DDC, clicked new posts. My ds turned this week, still no sign And NO I am not preggers
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