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We don't have a name

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Anyone else without a baby name yet???
First it was Vivian.....then it was Arianna.... the last few months its been Samantha..... but everyone is calling her 'baby sammy' and it makes my skin crawl. (no offence to any babies out there named sammy) I just DONT want her called sammy and no one is listening....
I've stuck with each name for months, then pretty randomly I change my mind....

I've been thinking Claire..... it was going to be the middle name regardless of the first because its my grandmothers middle name (her first was vivian).....
or Charlotte.... DP likes both of them....
or Madeline..... I like maddy as a nickname.... (don't care for nick names, but this one is good)

My girls are Evelyn and Audrey, my son is Nathan.... I want one that fits in with the 'type' of names they have, if that makes sense.... and one that isn't automaticially going to become a nick name....

I may just wait till she's born to decide......
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I really like Vivian Claire.
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I like Claire and Charlotte FWIW. I understand your frustration with people already 'naming' the baby before you have officially decided. I kinda feel names are subject to change until I write the name down and send in the paperwork! I have just recently (as in the last two weeks) decided on a name for this baby but like you with Samantha I am afraid people will shorten her name to something I really don't like. Just have a list and see what looks best when that baby is born!
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Saw this on new posts. We changed DD2's name at 3 months and didn't pick one for DD3 until she was a week old. Like you we had a million picked for each (late 3rd tri choices ) and I didn't want an instant nickname. No harm in waiting (though I understand the frustration)!

What about Amelia? I think it sounds nice with Claire.
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I am a Samantha and I can't stand being called Sammy, ever. I tolerate Sam from my family and close friends. We haven't settled on a name yet for this LO and we also took a week to name DS #1, though he is a Sam now . DH wants to name this kid Shlomo.... he wanted to name our last DS Moses, this is going to take some "talking" ! I love the name Claire, it's very pretty and it does go well w/ your other DC's names.
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A name will fit when you hold that baby in your arms....until then I wouldn't even tell people what you were thinking....that's why hubby and I have only shared our possible names with a select few...the name is what YOU want it to be , not those other people and if you don't want a nickname used, then politely tell them, "Her name is Samantha(if that's what you choose), NOT Sammy....please don't call her by any other name as I don't want her confused...." and stick to it....it may take a few times with some stubborn people, but will work.

BEST WISHES! FWIW, I think all your names are beautiful.... I love my girls name but am still a little unsure of that boys name....waiting for that little face to give me an answer!
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I haven't decided on a name either. I don't like it. I *knew* each of my girls' names early on and this is driving me crazy. *sigh*

I really like Charlotte and Madeline. Both very pretty!
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I love all your names, so Baby is going to have a pretty name no matter what.

We haven't picked a name of either gender.

So far, we have "Mario" "Luigi" "Darth Vader" and "blehbleh". The good news is that these names work for a boy *or* a girl.

My #2DS is Peter, which is my most favorite name in the world, and up until his birth, we thought we would have to name him "Buzz Lightyear" so there is a tiny ray of hope for this baby!
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We don't have a name yet either. My strategy, and this worked well with my son, was to come up with a short list of potential names and then settle on one after the baby is born. You have a bit of time to decide (depends on where you are birthing, too-- for instance I think hospitals like to have a name within 24 hours). For my son, once I saw him and held him, it was obvious whch name off my short list was his.

That said, we still run the potentials by friends and family (mainly bc my husband is hindu and I like to see how american folks will pronounce the hindu names). But the ultimate decision is up to us, after the birth.

I still consider myself behind on the name choosing though-- I haven't come up with my short lists yet
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No name here either. I can't find anything I like, so you're ahead of me! I dread not having a name picked...or have one that I don't really love.
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We have a name but I'm prefectly happy to change it if it doesn't fit him. Still we haven't told anyone the name we've picked for that reason. I got a lot of questions with my second when the name he'd been give during pregnancy ended up being thrown out.
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I LOVE the names you're considering!! (I'm partial to Claire... my dd2s name is Katherine Clare)

We don't have names. For either gender (since we don't know). The only thing I KNOW is that we HAVE to meet this little one in order to name him/her. I can feel it. For whatever reason, this LO is being very mysterious in revealing gender (NO CLUE.. only one gender-specific dream, but NO intuitional thoughts) and with that will come a name. So, it all just makes me more anxious/excited to actually MEET him/her!!

Good luck!
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At least you have some names under consideration. We haven't thought of a single name for either boy or girl, and I can't get DH to have a serious conversation about it. DD1 was 3 days old before she had a name because DH changed what he liked. DS2 was 8 days old because DH changed his mind the week before the birth, and neglected to share that bit of information with me. I am trying not to be stressed about it, but I am really ready to at least get a short list together. FWIW, I am 35.5 weeks.
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We have a boy name, but it still doesn't feel like *the* name... but *the* name is a very clear girl's name... still... and I'm still not convinced it's a boy.

<-- issues.
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We don't have a name or a list really. My husband is set on Syndjra if it's a girl, but I don't see it fitting this baby. Nothing sounds good at this point and I want it to means something nice, so I'm picky in that way. My son came up with Sofina at random the other day, that sounds OK. Really I think we'll just wait and see and take out time.
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Originally Posted by kms7z View Post
We don't have a name yet either. My strategy, and this worked well with my son, was to come up with a short list of potential names and then settle on one after the baby is born.
Same here. That's what we did with DD, and she was named the day after she was born. I didn't realize it bothered anyone until MIL called DH the other day and told him how awful it was that we didn't have a name yet; how the baby would be like DD and would feel unloved because it didn't have a name (yes, DD feels so unloved because we named her 20 hours after she was born ). That was the first I heard that they thought it was a big deal, although I knew they were, for some odd reason, irritated that they didn't know the name before the baby was born.

We have a list. We'll pick one after it's born, although at this time it's looking like it might be something not even on the list anyway, since we don't really love them. lol
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Nope, nothing settled yet here.
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No name. Boy due on March 22.

Very complicated. Were settled DH's father first name for a middle name, but that sort of starts to spell a word when you factor in the last name, so it limited choices of a first name. Then DH's brother passed away this fall, so now DH wants to incorporate that. But BIL already has a son exactly named after him. So now DH is trying to use either his fathers or his brothers initials.

DH is supposed to come up with the name, but I have veto power. Like everything else, he is just NOT on the ball!
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I love all the names you are considering.

We have a boy name, but can't nail down a girl name. If it ends up being a girl, it will take us at least a day to get it figured out.
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