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I need a hobby!

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I'm starting to go stir-crazing when my LO is napping during the day. She only naps 30 min (max), but a few times during the day. I really want something that challenges me, but can be taken up and put down quickly without a lot of setting up and taking down.

Any suggestions??? I know it's hard to suggest ideas when nobody knows me and what I like.... if you tell me what you do- perhaps I can go from there!

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Crochet is pretty easy to set down, especially if you just using one color at a time.
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I'm partial to knitting and spinning (yarn..not the exercise ).
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crochet scares me (too many places to make a stitch)- but knitting rocks. very portable and takes next to no room. If you have room and take tons of pictures- how about scrapbooking? Once my pictures are sorted it doesn't take more than a table top- and all my supplies fit in a rubbermaid tub.
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I currently crochet and cross stitch. Both are simple, I had an excellent teacher for crochet (most craft stores have an intro class for a small fee).

I have beading equipment too, like to make jewerly and making a bracelet or necklace can be done in 30 mins.

In the past I've done latch hook kits... again not that difficult.

I try to avoid anything with paint or that requires lots of pieces (scrapbook)
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My BFF is having the same problem, in fact I had to check to make sure you weren't her. . So she tried her hand at knitting knowing that I knit or crochet (she couldn't remember which). Anyways, turns out she likes it and it's just what she needed to fill some time like you are looking for.

Seems like crossstitch would work really well for you too.
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Thanks everyone!

I think I'm going to try to scrapbook some pictures (that I haven't gotten around to in years) and then maybe knit..... hmmmm... could be interesting!
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