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headach concern

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Hi all I'm new here I'm due aug 14 with baby # 3. I just have a quick question for u lovely ladies. I have had a headach for 5 or6 days straight it never goes away. It goes from dull throbbing to full on my head is gonna explode but never goes away. Should I be worried? Is it just a headach or should I like suck it up and go to the er? Thanks for ur help
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I have pretty constant headaches throughout the first half of pregnancy. I've tried lots of things that offer some relief (though not permanent): essential oils, homeopathy, and chiropractic. I think it's pretty common to have them and mine do get pretty bad sometimes (I describe as someone driving a nail in the back of my head). I think if it is becoming debilitating then I would definitely seek medical attention.
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I mostly have been getting headaches when I am dehydrated - pregnancy has really increased my fluid requirements. Could this be a possibility for you?
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I try and stay hydrated so I don't know if that is it. Ill try and drink a bit more see if that helps. I never had headachs with my other 2 so this is new for me. With my 1st 2 I was super sick to my stomach the whole nine months this time it hasn't been as bad. So I hope this dosent last the whole time.
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I had one for two weeks straight, which ended about a week and a half ago. It was so strange because I very rarely get headaches, only when I'm getting a cold. Anyways, it was awful, it was so debilitating, I just wanted to lie down and be quiet, which isn't possible with two small boys. I drank water, had caffeine, chocolate etc. The only thing that would take the edge of it were two extra strength Tylenol, which wasn't a habit I really wanted. What did sometimes help was taking those painkillers before bed and really getting to bed early. I hope your headaches end soon.
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This was so me last week! It finally went away when I'd had a little caffeine. But I was also getting sick and have a horrible head cold this week. You might give your provider a call tomorrow just to let them know.
Anything else going on? Like visual changes, have you checked your blood pressure? I'm betting you're just getting sick. I hope they go away soon.
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I have had terrible headaches too, lasting a up to a few days. I'm glad to see that others are having it too, although sorry for your pain!

Tylenol only works so far for me, and I do have to take it but have been trying to not make a habit of it either. Having a cup of coffee seems to help. I was happy with decaf but with these headaches switched back to reg. I thought it was related to the air in my apartment and the heat being so dry at night, but now we've moved to BF's (for other reasons) and I still have the headaches, even with a humidifier. A cool washcloth on your forehead can help, and I use Tiger Balm too on temples and behind ears. Also had BF do acupressure (our version- pressing like hell on my cheekbones!)
Mine seem to be bad when I wake up, then okay for a few hours, then back in the late afternoon.

PS- having a headache all the time sure doesn't help with the moodiness! I'm even snappier! Lol.
Hang in there!
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Last pregnancy I had not one headache. This time, I have had at least one a week. I try and do whatever it is I can to get rid of them. Hot bath, massage, laying down, going to bed early, caffiene, etc. Nothing works. I too, have had to take extra strength Tylenol. I hate doing it but if I don't I just don't function. I have found that if I take one Tylenol at the very beginning of the headache, it goes away, so at least I am not constantly taking it. I never took any pain meds last pregnancy so I am feeling guilty about doing it with this one. I haven't taken many, maybe 4 times in in the last 14 weeks but still.
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Acupuncture worked for me :)

Several years ago, I started having migraines each month, and eventually I was having them every day. After a couple of months of acupunture treatments, they totally disappeared. After a few years, I had one every once in awhile.
At about 13w, I started having non-migraine headaches almost constantly. I went back to the acupuncturist (one time), and a couple of days later, my headaches were gone. I'm planning on seeing her once or twice more during my pregnancy, just to keep myself in check.
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Thanks, that is a great idea to try acupuncture!
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Yes I've hear acupuncture can help a lot too, though haven't tried it myself. I am someone who is somewhat prone to periodic headaches (non migraine) normally. Since getting pregnant up until last week at 13 weeks, I hadn't had a single headache in pregnancy with the exception of a very bad one with the flu from 5-6 weeks. But other than that, nothing. Then starting last Friday, I had 4 days straight of headache that would only be relieved a little by caffeine. I even tried 1 gram of tylenol one day and it had no effect. I thought pg headaches were more of a first trimester thing? Anyway, I seem to be in the clear for now but was really worried they were here to stay for a long time.
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I've done a lot of research on headaches, and migraine. For most women, headaches do seem to be reduced in pregnancy-particularly after the 1st trimester. For others, the increased levels of progesterone and estrogen only increase headaches...it seems for those of us who are prone to hormonal migraine (the type I seem to get most frequently) that our bodies either respond like..."ahhhh..steadiness", or they respond the same way they do when they are triggered at a place in our cycle-like ovulation or impending menstruation.

When I was a teen, our family was open to medications...something my family and I are not now. I had Dr's try me on most things available at that time. Imitrex, narcotics, birth control pills to regulate hormones, and keeping a food log.

What I have learned since then, is that there is nothing more I can do besides being healthy, and eating healthy to prevent mine. Mine are a response to hormones. They can be debilitating if not treated. Fortunately, I have found something that works for me and so I use it when needed. I take Fioricet-tylenol, butalbital (mild sedative and vasodilator) and caffeine. I feel the best with this medication when needed, because each of it's ingredients have been used in pregnancy with no reported side effects. Last pregnancy, I had some intense migraines in the 3rd trimester...I'm praying I don't have them so badly this time.

Sorry for the book, but I wanted to say that you aren't alone. For someone who doesn't routinely visit Dr's, use Rx's or really take over the counters, it's a big deal to resign myself to a drug-let alone in pg or bf'ing! However, my OB, midwife and my DO have all told me that it's better to take when necessary, than to endure the blood pressure and blood flow issues of a migraine.

I hope they get better for all of you..and that is definitely a possibility! If not, I hope you find a way to treat them that can live with! They are not easy, particularly when you aren't triggered by anything within your control!
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