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Originally Posted by Ashes View Post
I just find everyone's needs are so different with babies. Your list looks good for now. If you find you need something later, it will be fun to go out and get it if you plan to stay at home with the baby for the coming weeks or months.
I 100% agree w/ this comment. There are things you are going to buy & then think "Wtf did I think I needed that?" & things you don't buy that you will wish horribly that you had. And some things will get put away b/c you aren't using them, only to pull them out a few months later b/c you suddenly cannot live w/out them. We had one baby who would only sleep in the swing. We had one who had to be swaddled & put in the bouncy chair w/ vibrate on. We liked to use our crib as a potty/changing station when dd outgrew her changing table. We do baby wear, but we also LOVE our giant stroller. We never did need a rocking chair or three tubes of bum cream. In the end, it is likely that you will need less than you thought, but then you can pass those things on to someone else who really does need them

Re: baby washcloths: Dh and I use a shower scrubbie, so we only own two adult-sized washcloths. I use two washcloths per bath w/ infants & I do use soap & shampoo b/c all of our babies STUNK after 2 or 3 days. So, yeah, for us, we really did need a dozen washcloths!
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Originally Posted by Lovumms333238 View Post

Car seat
Stroller - Check
Baby Slings - One, how many should I have?
Crib mattress
Bassinet - Check
Bassinet bumper - Check
Bassinet Sheets - Check
Two to three fitted crib sheets - Check
Four or more waffle-weave cotton receiving blankets for swaddling - Check
Two mattress pads (waterproof?)
One to two waterproof liners
Newborn Diapers - Check
Wipes - Check
Diaper pail (with refill bags)
Diaper bag
Diaper rash ointment
Wipe Warmer
Diaper Changing Pad
Diaper Stacker door hanging thing
Sleeping Outfits - Check
Onesies - Check
Rompers - Check
Hats - Check
Socks - Check
Sweater - Check
Brimmed hat - Check
Three to five nursing bras
A box of washable or disposable breast pads
Four small baby bottles with newborn nipples
Bottle brush
One to Two dozen burp cloths
Nursing Tops
Plastic infant bathtub
Three soft hooded towels - check
Two packs of baby washcloths - Check
Baby body wash that doubles as shampoo - Check
Baby Lotion & or Oil - Check
Baby-sized nail clippers - Check
Soft brush and comb - Check
Laundry Soap - Check
Baby Q-Tips - Check
A pain-and-fever reducer (Infant's Tylenol)
Cotton pads/swabs
Nasal aspirator
Digital baby thermometer
Hydrogen Peroxide - Check
Petroleum jelly - Check

Extras: Nice but optional
A rocker or glider
Nursing cover-up
Infant swing
Baby Book
I think since you already have a bassinet, you are good to put off your crib purchase until baby outgrows bassinet Especially, if you plan to co-sleep or think there is a chance it might happen, you might never need a crib. Nursing tops I never liked, but it's really a personal preference. They are kind of uncomfortable and loose shirts, that can be pulled down worked better for me. You might never need bottles or nipples either, and if you do, they are easy to ask someone to pick them up for you, if it comes up. Boppy was necessary for me, but I hear it's not for everyone. Nursing cover-up I didn't have last time, but will be getting this time. I was uncomfortable nursing when there were people around and definitely when I was out, so I know it'll come in very useful for me. Swing was what saved us last time, but every baby is different. I'm telling you, it totally saved me. I heard mamas say that it's better to hold and rock babies and I did that A LOT, but my baby calmed down much faster in his swing, and some days it was THE ONLY way I could put him to sleep. Playpen was used exclusively as a big storage basket for toys!

As for adding something in, baby nail clippers because baby's nails can get sharp quickly. Maybe I missed it on your list or it was already suggested.

Looks good to me!
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a boppy is not optional!!! You need some kind of nursing pillow! ANd my DH would say that a rocking chair is not optional, it's the #1 thing he tells new dads-to-be to get. I think if you have a birth ball it could be used in place of a rocking chair, but you needs something that moves while you sit on it because at 2 AM you just get to darn tired of walking baby around.
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We never used our hooded towel things, just a regular towel. We got a few hooded baby robes as gifts which were just silly!

LOVED our wipe warmer. We used it with cloth wipes.

We went out and bought a glider (cheap) after a few weeks. If you can, I'd get one.

I'd also add a yoga ball. We spent the first several months (maybe like 8 months?) putting DS in his sling (a Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch, my favorite) and later his Ergo and sitting on the yoga ball bouncing him to sleep for naps, etc. The ball was also nice during labor, and my DS (now almost 4) still plays with it. A worthy investment.

We recieved things like pacifiers and baby tylenol for shower gifts that I NEVER thought we would use. When we found out that we had the most suckingest baby in the world we were grateful to have a binky on hand, same with his first fever. We still much prefer the natural/homeopathic remedies, but it can be nice to have some on hand in case you need it.

On that note- homeopathic Teething Tablets, colic tablets, and gripe water are all on my MUST have list.
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