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Spirit babies

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Dear Jamie,

Specifically, my question is:

Do you get a sense on boy/girl and when he/she will come? What has my spirit baby been waiting for? Is s(he) ready to come soon? Is this going to be the same spirit baby we lost to miscarriage or a different baby?

Thank you so much for sharing any information you may have.
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I'm seeing a couple of little boys, but they do not feel like they were the one that you lost.. They will either be twins or very very close in age. It's hard to see which they will be because if they are very close in age, they would be like twins, iykwim and I'm hearing September for getting pregnant. That probably feels far away but, it's when everything will be in place that needs to be.

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Thank you very much Jamie. This is very surprising. I have felt a girl's energy around me for a long time, and I had only planned on having one child. And, if it happens in September that will mean we have been trying for a total of two years by then. Wow. It will be interesting to see what happens! Thanks again!
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