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bloody stoma

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Linden's tube got pulled out 10 days ago, spent a few days in the hospital and got it replaced last tuesday. Well for the past three days he's been complaining of some pretty extreme stoma pain. At first that's all it was. Yesterday I loosened it a little so that I could look at it and see if there was anything in there bothering him and blood started pouring out his stoma. We cleaned it, and I left it a bit loose and stuck some allyven under the disk. This morning he's screaming because it hurts so bad and it's still bleeding. I have a call in to the dr and I'm sure we're going to have to go in, but I was wondering if anyone had any idea of what this might be. Could infection make it bleed like that?
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ah found a pressure sore under the disk. He's been tightening it over and over because he's afraid it'll fall out. So I think the compulsive tube tightening eventually just gave him a sore. I've got neosporin and a nice moist woud dressing under it, so hopefully that'll do the trick.
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Ouch! Hope he's feeling better soon!
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he hasn't made a peep about it since I loosened it so much and put the neospirin and dressing on it. Now I just gotta convince him that it's not going to fall out if it's not crazy tight.
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you beat me to my possible answer! Hope it continues to feel better. Do you use anything like calmoseptine on it?
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Is this why y'all are there? What happened?
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no, he started puking yesterday morning and puked 13 times, so we had to go in. The contrast from our last hospital stay a week earlier was still in there. So they turned off feeds and did the MOM enema and got some stuff out and then we tried starting feeds this morning and afternoon and we couldn't get past 20ml/hr and even that made him very aggitated. So we did another round of the MOM enema and got more stuff out and we're giving him a couple of hours off and then this evening and through the night we're going to start at 10ml and work our way up by 10's every hour. Hopefully he'll be on full feeds by morning, that's the plan. Once we get him on full feeds, we're free to go. They think it was just being so backed up that caused him to have the pukes, but I have no idea. His whole gut seemed so backwards.
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How'd he do last night?
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we made it up to 63. His heart rate would drop into the 30's and 40's with the pain with the first bunch of increases, but we made it. His HR drops because of the autonomic dysfunction. But he's doing great right now. We'll still be here till at least after lunch, so we should be here still when you guys get here. We're going to do medical play at the stage from 11-12, but should be up in our room after that if you guys get here early and want to waste time.
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Awesome! We'll try to make it by.
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