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Weekly chat thread February 22 - February 28

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Another week- wow!
How is everyone?

AFM- 39 weeks and 5 days here! It is getting pretty intense as you all well know! Not even sure what position is comfortable anymore. I am feeling pretty close to ready to be on the other side- with baby in arms, but not too impatient yet. I feel huge and heavy and tired. But I still feel like I could go at least another week somehow. But it is pretty cool/crazy to know that I actually could give birth any day now. So just trodding along here.
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39 weeks and 1 day here! I'm beyond done and hoping that this week moves along a bit quickly. I'm growing more and more impatient every day as I can't wait to meet my little guy and spend time with my family instead of laying around all of the time, moaning and groaning of how much I ache, am sore, swollen, etc.,

I have an OB appt on Wednesday to see how things have progressed and if they haven't, induction dates will be discussed. So, I'll keep everyone posted about that. Tomorrow, I'm taking a 1/2 day off of work to have my temp get used to the office a bit and for me to take a breather. It'll be nice.

Other than that, I don't have much planned this week - just still growing and waiting.
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Originally Posted by NicoleS View Post

40wks and a day. I woke up around 2 am in a hot sweat. I was sure something was going to happen and this morning I packed my sons overnight bag. But now, at work, and no signs. The baby definitely dropped / engaged last night. It is quite noticeable. So thats exciting. My 7 year old thought that I was waddling. I have never used that word around him, so I guess its true.

Although this is my second birth, I didn't go into labour on my own with my first...so the anticipation is exciting and new to me.

Have a doctors appointment tomorrow.

My mom is 4 hours away, waiting for the call to drive down.... I need a stick and knife so I can whittle away today.
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Originally Posted by NicoleS View Post
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What does that symbol mean?
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Originally Posted by Katie34 View Post
What does that symbol mean?
Something akin to "Nyah-nyah nyah-nyah-nyah!"
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40 weeks +2 days here and feeling a little sad about it. I know I really shouldn't but I can't help it, I was really hoping to have this baby sooner. Mostly because my first baby was 9.5lbs at birth. I went into labour on my due date with him so I am afraid this one will be bigger now that I am past my due date and I won't be able to push him/her own on my own or that I will need an induction if I don't go into labour soon. I've been uncomfortable/crampy every evening for weeks now but no real contractions yet, ugh!
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yeah, : so can't type much...
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I am feeling bored! Like- too big and heavy and grumpy to actually go DO anything so I am just moping around the house. For some reason I have always had this feeling that it is "better" if the baby goes some over 40 weeks. Now that I am almost at 40 weeks I am starting to feel really ready to be done though!
I think it is really part of the process though- wanting it to happen a lot and becoming really ready for birth.

I started to have lots of mucus today- white and similar to ovulation fertile mucus. Not tons but more than ever before. I know it can still be a good while after that starts.
And baby feels low and I feel a bit achy sometimes down low in the pelvic area.
And just tired as heck but restless.
I should go DO something- get out and be social and distract myself. It is a great sunny day here. But I am feeling so lazy. If I can put away groceries, and vacuum and mop the downstairs today then that will feel like a lot.
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I'm also 40 weeks and one day, like Sunrise. And I've been induced twice before, so this overdue and waiting to go into labour thing is new to me, and depressing!

I've had 2 membrane sweeps now and all it has done is given me really painful Braxton Hicks for like 5 hours afterwards. Useless and annoying.
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Happy Monday everybody! Nothing new here. Today is my Dad's birthday, and it would be super-nice to have a baby on this day for him, but I have no reason to think that's going to happen. I do have a bit of a sore throat and stuffy nose, so hopefully my body can fight this off quickly.

Labor vibes to all who want them!
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I realized after reading my last post- I don't feel quite ready yet. But I do feel newly in that last week or so stage and all that comes with it.

Okay- I am going to go outside for a bit and get some air and sun.
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Hello from the other side!! I thought I was going to be pregnant forever, too....it will happen for everyone!

I'm 13 days PP....starting to feel almost normal in the nether regions, so yay for that! Baby Miranda is an angel so far.....although she poops far more than DD #1 ever did, lol. I keep waiting for life with 2 kids to be hard, but so far it's been smooth sailing....a very pleasant surprise. I can't wait to be feeling physically all better so I can start doing some things....honestly, I'm a little bored.
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Originally Posted by feministmom View Post
I can't wait to be feeling physically all better so I can start doing some things....honestly, I'm a little bored.

I was not expecting recovery to take quite so long. 8 days pp and I'm feeling like if my southern region was not so sore I could start getting back to the new normal that is now my life. It just hurts to walk around or stand for long periods of time. We had a rocky start with nursing as I couldn't figure out how to latch him with out killing my nipples and then I got completely engorged. Ugh. It was almost like second labor. I spent Thursday night awake and bawling all night long because I couldn't figure out what to do. Luckily I called the pediatrician Friday morning and he referred me to a lactation consultant who came out to our house within an hour. I love that woman!! Now Isaiah is nursing like a champ but only for about 10 minutes because I'm just drowning him in milk. Then he sleeps for 3-4 hours. Crazy! He's already gained his birth weight back so I'm sure he's getting enough food.

ELVs to everyone waiting. That last week was so boring a frustrating for me. I played a lot of Super Nintendo.
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Hmmm. I am starting to get low cramp like sensations when I walk around- even just gently walking around the house. they go away when I sit down. Hmmm, this is the first I have had of this feeling.

I really want to clean my floors! I have been cleaning the house for weeks and decorating and now that the birth is imminent I want the house to be fresh and clean. DH is going to blow up the birth tub tonight! And I want to vacuum and mop everything before that. But I am having a hard time getting it done. Interesting.
I just went and sat on my porch step in the sun and that felt great.
I called dh at work and asked him if he might vacuum and mop when he gets home! I am going to do as much as I can of it in the next couple hours.
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I'm still pregnant. 39w1d. Had an appointment today, everything still checks out good. I'm starting to feel pretty useless around the house, thankfully DH is stepping up and getting stuff done. DS has been a little stinker the past week and I don't know how much more I can handle. He is 22 months and definitely acting like it. He is also teething and has a nasty cold...so I feel sorry for the little guy, but does he really need to cry and say no to everything? Thankfully he is in his crib now "resting", hopefully he'll get a nap in there too.
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I don't feel like finding the old thread, but I finally took some pictures of the baby's room. Hopefully this link will work, I made the album public on facebook.

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I'm 39w5d by my calculations, but 39w2d by my midwife's timeline (which, yeah, I'm going with hers since I've been way overdue with the other three... I'll take three extra days).

I'm ready. Really, really ready. More ready than I've ever been in my life (or for any other pregnancy!)!! .. but... I'm still pregnant.

I feel like it's "Groundhog Day" every day when I wake up still pregnant.

But today my belly just feels WEIRD. I can't seem to find the proper words.. but I'll try... because it's kind of cool. I feel like my belly is sort of heavy.. like something is pulling it downwarrds a bit... not a lot, but a gentle, constant downward sensation.. almost like a falling sensation (except it's not going anywhere).. and I wonder if maybe there are some light BHs going on? Baby is still quite active through all of this. Silly LO, doesn't realize how excited I am to see him/her on the OUTSIDE!!

Why do I have such a cozy uterus anyway? None of my babies want to make an early appearance in the least!

It's nice and sunny here today, even though it's just 25*. I think I'm going to make dh go on a walk with me (maybe taking some of the kids... dd2 is at MILs.. not sure if dd3 wants to walk or would make the four-mile walk I'm planning.. dd1 will LOVE it though!).

Katie -- I get the tightening in my lower belly region after walking sometimes also... I'm hoping it's a good thing.. so I'm going on a big walk..lol
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I will take those ELVs you guys are sending out! I am overdue and they have me scheduled for an induction on Wednesday if things don't happen naturally first.

I am so done with being pregnant. I can't crouch down to check something in the oven, put on shoes or pick up after my dog (all things I did today ) otherwise my calf leg muscles cramp and feel like they are separating from the bone. I am taking Dr. prescribed Magnesium and Calcium to supposedly counteract this... . I breathe loud. Peeing in the middle of the night drives me batty. I bump into things with my belly. Getting dressed in the morning is more and more frustrating. I can't believe my dependence on pillows to prop myself up in an ever growing amount of situations. Not even the baby clothes make me feel good anymore.

I want to hold my baby. That said I am really nervous about the whole labour thing, being my first time and all - especially if it is induced.

So, in short, I give up. I don't know what else to do. I am gonna go cry in my non-alcoholic beer.
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