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Feeling so lucky!

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I am feeling Lucky today because it has again hit me, my DH is HERE. He has been deployed in Iraq and missed two births but this time, this baby, he is here the whole time! I find it hard to complain about things because for a change I am not alone in it. Now to help him have the confidence I have in birthing without letting his fatherly worry get to me.
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It is a totally different aspect having him around. My DH is pretty much hands off when it comes to birthing. He cannot get a cap on his anxiety, and it spilleth over into my space lol. I usually end up barking at him to get get get about halfway through. When he reappears I know I am getting close to pushing. (which never takes longer than 90 seconds) He has an odd way of knowing when to come catch. It was funny last pg too because I still had 9 days til my due date and he was washing the mandatory stash of towels for our home water birth. I was so mad cause I felt like he was saying my grouchiness was due to pregnancy and not taking me seriously 12 hours later my water broke and 10 hours after that he was catching our son.

Totally different from my first two which were very much solo (different DH)

Anyway, I hope you have a beautiful shared birthing experience, and things go smooth and full of joy! Very Exciting!
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Oh that is WONDERFUL mama!!!

My DH never deployed to Iraq/Afgan and I am so thankful for that, but the women who do it while their husbands are deployed always AMAZE me.

I'm glad he's here, and that your happy!!!
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