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if you had to pick just 1 month to heal... (HELP)

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I went ot the dentist today for the first time in 8 years or so because a small piece of my tooth FELL OUT when i was flossing yesterday. I thought it was weakened because of the metal filling in that tooth, but what i was told was that infact, i have a cavity in the tooth next to it, a deep cavity very close to the nerve and my tooth is hollowed out and as thin as an eggshell. He recommends scraping all the decay out and filling it "with lots of good medicine" whatever that means, and seeing if it will heal itself. If not, i will need a root canal and an extraction. Luckily for me, he doesnt have another appointment till april (not that long, but a little bit)(there are also a few other cavities but nothing major he said)
if you had just one month-ish to heal this tooth- how should i do it? what do i need to add or subtract? I already eat fairly healthy, few-no carbs, few sweets, few fruit, lots of veggies and lean protein.
i also just started oil pulling (day 2) with coconut oil.
what else can i do?
i NEED to save this tooth, its towards the front, and im terrified of dental procedures.
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Look up the recent thread from Bluebirdmama. I highly recommend everything she did, on top of the oil pulling.

I would start using cell salts ASAP and get pascalite clay as soon as possible, although it might be a while to receive it.

I would highly emphasize very healthy fats - fatty meat from pastured animals, whole fat milk from unpasturized dairy, avocados, virgin coconut oil. You want a lot and as much as raw as possible. Far more than you would normally have.

Whatever expenses you have, I would just tell yourself that it is cheaper than getting work done on your tooth (teeth).

There is an entire section on healing teeth naturally, you can learn more there.

Order the cell salts today.
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so i want to buy calc fluoer and calc phos?
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We're working on this too. Here's what we're doing:

Cut out phytic acid intake by:
-Soaking or fermenting (like sourdough) all grains and beans.
-Eliminating soy.

Increase minerals by:
-Making and eating bone broth.
-Eating a rediculous amount of vegetables AND the water they are cooked in.
-Eating grass-fed beef, lamb, and bison and free-range or pastured chickens.
-Take cod liver oil.
-Consider grinding own flour.
-Eat more eggs.
-Eat more grass-fed butter.
-Eat more milk products. (I am lactose intollerant, so I can't do as much of this as I would like.)

Fight cavity-causing bacterial population in the mouth by:
-Brushing 3x per day with xylitol.
-Eliminating or at least sharply limiting processed foods including white flour, white sugar, etc. If treats are eaten, brush afterwards.

We've got a little more time than you, so we're holding off on most supplements so far, but we'll consider more if this doesn't do enough to help.
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Originally Posted by conniebonnie View Post
so i want to buy calc fluoer and calc phos?
this is a quote from bluebirdmama from another thread

I used Calc Phos 6x everyday and some days I gave Calc Flur 6x.

You can use them multiple times a day. I would take them separately at least 30 min apart.

My son recently remineralized a partially decayed long sliver/chip on his front tooth. I think the cell salts were responsible for it.
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ok-i just ordered calc phos and calc fluor both x6. Im eating free range chicken and beef as much as possible and saving the bones to make bone broth, and if i steam veggies i will save that water too. I eat about 3 eggs a day, from free range chickies. I can add in butter if needed, from grass fed cattle, is that just as good as butter oil?

I'm not eating grains or beans right now (were fasting for lent) or soy, or flour or sugar, or processed foods at all.

I am also fasting from milk products, how important is it that I drink milk if i am doing the rest of this? I do have access to Raw Milk, and would be willing to add it in to my diet to heal my tooth.

I take fish oil daily, is that fine or do i need something specific?

I brush at night before bed and in the morning upon rising, and I am oil pulling with coconut oil, and rinsing with salt water after any food in mouth (good heavens my cheeks hurt from so much swishing!)

I also went and bought some tooth powder (but its mostly baking soda and im worried that will be too abrasive for my teeth-anyone know about this? it was the only one i could find without glycerin) It also has xylitol in it. I also got some kiss my face fluoride free toothpaste, but it has glycerin as like, the second ingredient, so i am hesitant to use it.

thank you so much for all your help ladies! I WILL heal this tooth.
any more advice or answers to above questions? im using the tooth powder tonight, and waiting on yalls collective wisdom.
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My daughter (3 yrs old and still bf) is just getting over a bout with early childhood tooth decay (a little different than the question at hand, I know). Instead of just pulling or capping her teeth, our dentist recommended something called MI paste. I wanted to post something about it on MDC and it seemed like it might help this situation and maybe other parents trying to treat their kids' caries naturally.

MI Paste is a remineralizing paste that actually builds the tooth back up and puts bioavailable calcium and phosphorous onto the surface of the tooth. It's available over Amazon and with or without fluoride. My daughter was looking at four crowns and now she's down to none. We brush her teeth thoroughly, then apply the paste (the dentist says to add it like you would floor polish) and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. The more you do it, the better it is for the teeth, but the dentist said no less than twice a day.

I'm really happy to have reversed some of the damage and I hope this helps other families.
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how long did it take your child's teeth to heal? we are looking at 4 crowns for my 16 month old. We're using xylitol several times a day, brushing with ACT fluoride rinse and MI paste, but she sucks it away pretty quickly.
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I don't know if your whole tooth can totally regrow, but it can grow a strong enamel. I feel that kids can regrow more whole teeth but adults can take longer.

I would look at an overall diet, and add in more fats. You wrote you eat lean =meats, but we need some of the fats that come with the meat and whole fat dairy to help our bodies use the nutrients we give them.

Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil, butter oil, and even more additional Vit D. If you do use butter oil, you may need more butter like kerry gold from grass fed cows or supplmenting with Vit k2.

Yo udon't have to do dairy, we are allergic to it except ghee. So we make kerry gold ghee ourselves.

Getting the minerals is very important. Bone vroths, several cups a day, or better yet a several day bone broth is going to be more concentrated and you don't need as much. Lots of vegetables and emphasize greens, and nettles infusions.

We do the cell salts everyday and I feel they really work. We also apply pascalite clay to our teeth and brush with it.

Hope it goes well.
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