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Sharp, shooting breast pains?

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So I've been really lucky to have nursed both of my kids with no problems so far (*knock on wood*!) But for the past 48 hours or so I've been having quite alot of pain in my left breast, only it doesn't feel at all like I'd imagine mastitis or a blocked duct would, and I don't have any other symptoms (no redness, no heat, no fever, nothing).
It's like a sharp stabbing pain that shoots through my breast. I've been nursing more on that side just in case it's the beginning of an infection, but that only makes it worse as once she has drained that side the stabbing becomes more frequent. It's quite localized, just on the inner right side of my breast.
Anyone have any ideas if it could be serious? Or what it could be? When I look up breast pain stuff it's all about blockages and infections.
Any advice would be very much appreciated! I might see a doctor but the ones around here would probably just advise me to wean
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To me, it sounds like the beginning of a plugged duct. The fact that your pain is so localized makes me think that you may have plugged duct that may be deep in the breast tissue.

Sometimes, yeast infections can cause sharp shooting pains but they are generally throughout the breast and the pain is excruciating.

I recommend putting some hot, moist heat on it. If you have a removable shower head, you can put some direct heat on the area and nurse it out.
If it doesn't clear up or you begin to feel sick, I would see a doctor.

Good luck.
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Thanks! I'll continue nursing often, and I'll follow your advice about heat.
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ITA with the above advice however, just about the heat, I find that sometimes people don't have the heat hot enough, when it's hot cloths/compresses, it's hot, really hot, as hot as you can stand without burning yourself, get the chin of your baby in the direction of the block and the chin should work out the block, this can involve some gymnastics with the position but it seems to work it out well. Good luck hope you heal soon!
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I had a similar pain with yeast. It stopped within 2 days of gentian violet and returned when the yeast returned. So consider candida as well. Good luck.
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