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Hey mama! I'm preparing to head out in the next day and have a quick question. You know about all my court stuff and my lawyer called me today with something that could possible be an issue. She isn't for sure though. Anyhow with my moving back will my kid's dad/the courts be an issue? Such as will my kids dad go for contempt or will the judge be angry i moved? My lawyer originally thought i could just go back since it was such a short period of time but now she thinks i may have to wait 45 days, get either the court's permission or the kid's dad permission so that i'm not in contempt. Either way i told her i'm already set to go to tomorrow and i can't change plans and she said i could be in contempt but she isn't sure and she needs to go through all the previous orders to see. I haven't heard back from her. You know the last thing i need is more court stuff! I just finished all of that! Thanks mama and your announcement is i'm so excited for your family!
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I'm feeling no worries about the court stuff. I think you will get a slap on the hand, but that's about it. Although I do want to say that I think the judge will keep this in mind as a strike against you should anything further come up. So be wary and cautious about how you handle things. Good luck!

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Thanks Jamie, it should be a nonissue considering i am the sole provider for all the kids. He pays no support and hasn't visited in three months. The courts should punish him for not paying support instead of punishing me for making an essential move to be able to provide for my family.
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