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Nursing at the dinner table - anyone else do it? - Page 2

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I do, but when guests are over or I am in public I do cover as much of my breast as possible by wearing a nursing top and draping a shawl over my shoulder and across my chest...not over the baby's head, just over any flesh that might make me uncomfortable to expose to all but my closest of friends.

I also don't ask.
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I do! We currently live with my parents and let's just say we've really broken them in when it comes to nursing. (My family was a formula family.) I've never asked permission to nurse at the table, I just do it. Nobody minds, except maybe my 13-year-old brother, but he's getting used to it. I would definitely do it around others as well.
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yes, I nurse at the table and never thought it could be seen as rude until my brother made a comment about feeding the baby here at the table Of course I didn't move but I would never hesitate to feed at the table being discrete of course.
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Originally Posted by Llyra View Post
In my own home, I'd nurse at the dinner table and never think twice about it, no matter who my guests were.

In other people's homes, I'd consider more what their comfort level was. In a few rare cases, I might choose to go somewhere else in the house. But for the most part, I'd still nurse right there at the table.
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Originally Posted by breastfeeding-bff View Post
Wow! I've never tried this! I guess the timeing is right if you have someone to help you feed the other children... If you have more :-)

Doesn't your eating distact the baby?
Depends on your nursling. Mine wasn't ever really distracted by my eating until she got old enough to start wanting to eat my food too. Lots of her NB to 6 month clothing has stains on the sides from me dropping food on her. She rarely even noticed.
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yeah, lol, the only problem is when I drop food! Actually, especially at restaurants I have to nurse her while we are eating, no matter who is with us. It works pretty well too, she's happy and I can eat. I don't think anyone ever notices because I always ask for a seat on a bench or booth so I can sit comfortably.
At home I never thought about it, though I can see your wondering how they would feel, especially if you aren't very close friends. It's a more intimate setting than a restaurant.
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