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Sorry to just quickly butt in here, but I wonder, Mariah, if I could ask you a question.

I was over on the island last week (my mother's closest cousin commited suicide... ), and I realized, whilst bonding with my family again, watching my kids walk through the forests and on the beaches of my childhood, and reconnecting with old friends, that I just ache for it more and more. I am so sorely lacking my community here, and I barely have family over on this side. We can't afford to visit often, and I don't see how in the world we'll be able to afford a home here with some space for the kids to run around without moving a-WAY out there, somewhere. Mike doesn't want a huge commute, and he also wants to stay in his job here, downtown.

Does your husband still work over here? I was thinking about buying a home over on the island (seems ludicrous that we are in social housing here, and can actually afford a nice place over there to buy), renting out a lower suite to help with the mortgage, having my kids grow up on the island, and being surrounded by community again. I just cannot figure out how it would work, or if it would work. I don't know what kind of hit my marriage would take if Daddy was only home on weekends, you know?

Anyway, just late-night thoughts, and I thought I'd ask. I'm ever so jealous of your home in Duncan (my younger sister lives there).
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Also, Lori! What's happening with Odyssey? Have I missed it again this week? I need to get Calvin's game back to him, and James is missing the company. We start OT sessions tomorrow, and piano on Wednesday, but let us know if it's still happening.
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Hi Tegan/Intuition - no, there was no Odyssey this week. Don't worry about the game, it's not like Calvin is bored. I'll send you an e-mail later, but I'm aiming to have one on Monday. I'll be away for the weekend, so we'll see. Right now I've got the flu and feel like crap. Woke up early 'cuz I couldn't sleep anymore. :

goin' back to bed. Calvin can play video games to his heart's content today. Again. (Though we borrowed Bomberman from my sister - I forgot how much crazy fun that game is! Multiplayer games are the best!)
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Any good online shops that would ship to Canada...

...preferably for free? )

I am looking for a play tent for kids, that would be not too big, but big enough for my 11 yo to play in it too. I was thinking this , and they offer free shipping, but there is a mysterious "international" fee of $15

DD will be 2 in June so I'm slowly looking for gifts, but I think tent is just a must have
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Originally Posted by giraffee View Post
...preferably for free? )

I am looking for a play tent for kids, that would be not too big, but big enough for my 11 yo to play in it too. I was thinking this , and they offer free shipping, but there is a mysterious "international" fee of $15

DD will be 2 in June so I'm slowly looking for gifts, but I think tent is just a must have
We have two of these and I think there is shipping, but at least it's an option for consideration, even down the road. I know my 4 year old has difficulty with the velcro tabs but otherwise it'll be a blast once it warms up!

Interestingly, it hasn't been such a big hit in the house...

It is going to warm up, right??
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Vira, have you checked out Ikea? I know that they have a couple of styles of tents, one is completely enclosed and the other is only closed off on 3 sides.

I bought ours at a baby swap for $10, and its great for playing on the deck outside in the summer as it provides shade while still letting a breeze go through. Plus, all the toys and books stay in the tent as opposed to scattered all over the deck.

Otherwise for indoor use, we just use a few clothes pins, dining chairs and some flat bed sheets.
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Oh, giraffee, I just noticed your DD is 2!! Well, like I mentioned an idea for down the road....... a ways, lol.

Blankets and clothes pins are all the rage here, too, and i think I have to get the boys their *own* set of clothespins...I can never find mine when the sun shines to hang my washing
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play tent: maybe Ikea? Superstore also usually has a small kids tent (big enough for a single air mattress) for sale in the summer for about $30. Keep an eye out for it. Until then, I highly recommend blanket forts. (If you're short on old sheets, I have more than our fair share for some reason...) Or you can get a fancy "super tent" kit (kinda like giant tinkertoys to make a tent frame with) - I originally saw them for about $60, but I've now seen them closer to $35, maybe at Zellers, possibly Toys R Us, definitely Chapters and the Science World gift shop (but more expensive there) I have to admit, I am just not an at-home shopper. I like shopping too much.
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Since I went back to work ANY trip to any store is such PITA, so for me planning a trip to Ikea requires to have a list of at least 5 items to justify it.
I have to admit that I became a complete Etsy and Amazon addict over the past 6 months. Since there is still time until the birthday and the actual summer warmth I suppose I can just wait and see if we make to Sweden-land. As for the forts - believe it or not - I have no real chairs
We bought our flimsy foldable Ikea chairs when we just came to Canada 6 years ago - and that's all we have. Needless to say a grown-up dining table and chairs are on our grown-up shopping list. Right after a proper mattress So come year 2020 I might be able to celebrate my 40th birthday sitting at my first real dining table
So we actually cannot build a proper fort because we have cheap chairs ) I did go as far as build a fort for the kids from sofa cushions, but when a little 11 yo elephant tries to fit into a fort made out of cushions... well... the 2 yo is not too impressed when the fort falls in ruins on top of her... So I need something sturdy, big enough for a pre-teen to fit in, and cheap. Doesn't sound like something I can find easily, does it?
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Giraffe, as I type this, I have one of those Ikea tent and a tunnel that we put out since it started raining a few days ago... (seems like it hasn't stopped!) and both kids (10 and 3 yo) have been playing lots with it. I like it that it was cheap so it's not a complete loss if they trash it, but on the other hand, the tent is about 8 years old and the tunnel is 2nd hand and they have both withstood those said kids, their friends and their cats, indoors and out! Maybe put up an ad on Craigslist that you want one of those? and maybe you'll find someone close to you.... just a thought.... I know a trip to Ikea can result in spending so much more than you originally thought...
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Originally Posted by Len View Post
I know a trip to Ikea can result in spending so much more than you originally thought...

Oh so true! And mostly those are things that I could really live without. You've convinced me about the Ikea option But I might have to do that after we return from Ukraine (I am travelling with DD on May 7th, )
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Speaking of Ikea, I was there about a month ago and saw a lovely little wooden kitchen. I looked all over for one for DD a while back, but they were all so expensive. This one was, I believe, about $140.

Intuition: My husband does work in Vancouver on occasion. He goes in for about 2 days most weeks but not all. I think it would be very hard on a marriage to have the husband working in another city five days a week, though I've met people whose husbands are working in other countries so it can be done. I would think if there was some understanding of how long this situation would be in place it would make it easier. I can see why you miss the Island; I really love it here.
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Vira: I was at Jysk today and saw 3 tents. 2 were actually "Pet" tents but big enough for a toddler/preschooler to play in. They were $12.99 each. The 3rd one is meant for kids and in a Camoflage(sp?) greenish print. Its quite big, maybe even bigger than Ikea's and was going for $30, I think.
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Intuituion, I missed the post that Mariah just responded to, and i wanted to say that we too, are strongly considering a move to the Island, and for different reasons, but certainly one of them being the ability to find community. It is tough here, at least it has been for me, to find like-minded and like-souled community. I'm in Fort Langley and there are absolutely no crunchy, farm-y, food growing, earth-loving folk out this way. It's so bizarre, and yet the more folks I connect with and meet either in the Okanagan or the Island say it so much more like that in those places. And that is exactly the life-style we want! The HL groups here are quite religious (not a bad thing, but they are rather unwelcoming, lol) and many are gamers (totally not our thing), and discuss nothing else but curriculum, and how to make their kids do this or that. They never go outside!! Really uninteresting, and not at all about why we're living and learning together!

I think it's always possible to make dreams come true! My DH and I may be years away from buying an acreage, but we have other ideas that we keep hearing about. One mama and LC I know of in SelfDesign is looking around the Kootenays with another LC, crunchy mama to find an intentional farm community where the kids are learning at home, and adults and older kids works the land and sell produce, raise some sheep, chickens etc. How cool is that!? Well, to me, it's cool, lol. Not everyone's cup of tea. But my thinking is that we could do that, we could jointly afford to purchase land with other folks who have values that we can live with, and the key being to find those values out first and then figure out who we could and couldn't live with etc.

Or we could move to the Island and keep renting. When we moved to the farm we're on, now, we knew we wanted to live in this environment and allow ourselves the space to test out how we like it. And I love it, but I miss people. My boys want friends. I want friends

I want to have work parties where we help each other to plant stuff, raise and tend animals, help each other with mentoring our kids, go through tough times together etc. I want community too, and I think instead of trying to make rain fall in the desert, I have to move to the rainforest!! I've really been strongly considering what we can do to make it a 1-2 year goal. The challenges are saying good-bye to my 85 year old mom and my dear aunt, her sister, who are the people I would miss. My mom needs assisted living soon, after landing herself in the hospital for a nasty head injury last week, (one of many falls since dad died...) and it will be hard to see that change, as I don't know how long she'll live once moved. So, there is loss in every decision it seems, but my life awaits and I need to move forward. Surviving the move, moving gardens again and now moving chickens + coop all feels really enormous, but like anything, I can break it down into small chunks and get through it. If I've survived the last two years with my brother and my Dad dying, I can get through anything, I guess.
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Hey everyone... Hola from Costa Rica... my turn to butt in for a moment... I need some help and support!

Malcolm has had a rash for over a month and its starting to freak me out! It started just before we left Canada at the beginning of March... it was under his arms like a few raised pimples and I ignored it thinking it was no big deal and it would just go away... now I am kicking myself for not just checking out... Anyways I tried to ignore it and it seemed to be slowly spreading into a big area with more pimples... mostly very small of different sizes... We have been in Peru for 2 weeks and in Costa Rica before and after that since leaving Canada, so we have been in variety of climates cold and hot... it doesn't seem to matter although maybe his skin is slightly more irrated in the extreme heat... I looked up a bunch of stuff online... but rashes are so annoying hard to diagnose, especially since I'm a specialist... NOT! anyways... I tried putting grapefruit seed extract on it and it didn't seem to change...I tried dilute oil of oregano in olive oil and it didnt help... I tried an antifungal cream and even some mild over the counter cortisone... none of these helped... I went back to the grapefruit seed extract and his skin became red which really freaked me out... I thought he might be reacting to the gse on his skin... this was after a few days of using gse twice a day... now that area is all reddish and the skin is dry and peeling... so I don't know if it would have been better if I did nothing... so I decided to try leaving it totally alone... now it seems to be spreading up his arms and up his chest... he also has some random dots that could be nothing like little bug bites or they could be more of then same... its making me nuts... Lucas has some random dots but these could be nothing or is it the same thing... I have been touching it putting cream on and so far I don't have anything... it's making me nuts!! I am so hesitant about going to the dr. because rashes as so easily misdiagnosed and I feel its going to be like a wild goose chase not to mention I have to use my broken Spanish and bring my friend along as a translator so it won't be a straightforward dr visit... I just don't know what to do I am going to go to the clinic tomorrow and see what they have to say... I just don't know how worried to be... I wish it wasn't spreading!!! or looked better... we aren't back in Canada for a while so I need to sort this out from here...

tents... we loved our ikea tents... used them for 8 years and just passed them on! I have also heard great things about a new toy called krazy forts I think where you build a frame and but blankets over it or something and I think its meant to be built and rebuilt many times...
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you're right that rashes are hard to diagnose! I don't have any ideas for you, but wanted to suggest that you could try Uremol Cream as well. Also, if there is any way that the doc can do a skin scraping to diagnose if it is yeast or something then that can help with the diagnosis process. Good luck!
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jen, did you end up vax'ing for measles? wondering if it could either be measles, or a reaction to the measles vax? erica got a mild (?) case of measles from her measles vax, so she might be able to tell you what it looked like... otherwise I would guess allergy to something? you could try giving him benadryl (or whatever antihistamine they have there) and if it goes away, , if not, it probably wouldn't hurt... does it itch or burn? putting things on rashes can be tricky, as you've found out, and I wouldn't put things on it unless you know what type of rash it is, since it can make it so much worse, as you've seen -- I've always had really sensitive skin, and putting the wrong substance on irritated skin is awful!
I think I'd brave the doctor at this point. can't hurt, and they might go "oh yeah, that's ABC, you just do XYZ and it goes away". good luck!
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Thanks for the thoughts... I did try benedryl (forgot to mention that ) and it did not help... it seems sudden on then ongoing to be an allergy when I don't know of any changes that could have caused it... esepcially cause it started in Canada... Malcolm has not been vaxed for measles only tetnus and that was in November... plus doesn't measles make you feel sick? I have looked at so many rash pictures on the net I could convince myself of a lot of different ones... we have time to go to the dr today but its the poor kids birthday otherwise I probably get to the good clinic until Wednesday... the dr here in our little town is not known to be reliable in term sof proper diagnosis so I am nervous to go to him especially for a rash... Oh well birthday dr it will be! tonight we are having a party with ice cream cake and a pinata at his favourite restuarant so I am sure he will forgive me! And Sunday he is doing a SCUBA course (designed for 8 years old) with his best friend down here as a birthday gift from our friends who run the dive shop in town... I just don't want him to remember this as the dr and rash birthday
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gr8, I thought of measles too with the big outbreak in Van recently.
I had a rash develop under my armpits that I found the cause to...I was using a special bath sponge that starts at my upper body and ends at my rear (sorry tmi) then next shower starts at my upper body then my rear.
I threw out the sponge and the rash has been clearing up, and is now gone.

My baby is now ONE years old! Happy Birthday Lucas
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gr8fulmom, have you explored the connection between repressed emotion (ie anger) and rashes? Here is a link, FWIW. This may seem highly flaky, but I think the body is also quite amazing at attempting to heal emotionally as well as through other more obvious means. If your child is one to process emotions with difficulty (acute feelings, sensitive, HSP etc), I'd explore it. Scary nonetheless, especially when it started in BC and you are now not in BC. Hope there is closure for your DS, and a solution.
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