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Thanks for the support, guys, and thanks Lori for the advice. You're right about getting their eating schedule sorted out and getting them to eat BEFORE they start to feel hungry. We did that with DD when she was younger, and I need to be a bit more diligent with DS, and maybe just phase out the junk food so he's not asking for it. One other thing is maybe try to anticipate what he wants and ask questions like 'we need to do XXX now; do you want to do it yourself?', or asking what bowl, spoon, fork, glass he wants ahead of time, which I generally already do, because otherwise I'm getting up from the table about 20 times per meal!

He really is a great kid - sweet and funny, but these screaming matches have me beat. I also sooooo need a break. DH has been on all sorts of trips, probably 2-3 fun trips per year since the kids were born, and I haven't been away from the kids ever. He's good at taking what he needs to feel sane (hockey, going out, naps), and I need to get better at it. MIL passed away in January, and we had to deal with that, plus go to Toronto to have a celebration of life there for her, so it was stressful around here, and I felt like having a night out to myself in the midst of that would be too much for the kids. BUT, I'm so burnt out that I really should have just taken a couple of nights when DH was going to home, and reduced my own stress level so I wasn't so irritable at the kids all the time. OK, deep breath. I feel better just typing this out. Thanks for all your support, everyone.
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Originally Posted by Alison's Mom View Post
SB - this video should work for the ice dance: http://www.ctvolympics.ca/video/inde...0-e8d9a49a1f89
Thank you. Wow! They were amazing. I don't think I've ever seen an ice dance quite like that. I'm not at all surprised they got the gold. Beautiful...just beautiful. That looked perfect to me.
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Originally Posted by Len View Post
Autumn, would you reccomend whoever delivered your soil? I assume it is "organic"? This year may be the year we finally start a veg. garden we've already cleared and prepared an area and should bring soil soon!
Hurrah for a new veggie garden!!!

The soil I just ordered is from West Creek Farm, and it is not OMRI listed, meaning that it is not for use in a certified organic growing operation. They are up the road from me, and I like to choose as local as I can for delivery/footprint reasons. It would be fine for you though, I think, as it is as "clean" as it could be, coming from sources like ground, composted tree bark (fir and hemlock, absolutely no cedar in it), mushroom manure, sand, and contains absolutely no green waste. Soil companies that incorporate green waste will have a harder time actually confirming what is in the resulting soil. I had them add 15% more composted bark because I like a certain "feel" but I'm using it for the perennial beds around the house and inside yard area, and not the veggie garden.

For our veggie gardens and fruits I am bringing in the more spendy SeaSoil, as that area of the farm where our food gardens are is tracked for organic standards and is tested yearly. It is the only OMRI listed soil ammendment that I know of...our plants grew *amazingly* well with SeaSoil, I highly recommend it if you can swing it. It is lovely stuff, has a rich, crumbly texture and you don't need a lot, per se. They regularly test their soil for the presence of E Coli and heavy metals among other things. If you call them and give them your bed sizes, they will assist you in how much to order. Anf they can tell you who delivers close to you...or you can pick it up in a truck and save delivery charges. We did this as my DH has a company P/U truck.

Sooo exciting Len!! Happy growing...hey, it's almost time to revive the gardening threads!!
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Did you see it? Did you see Joannie ger her bronze? OMG!!!!!!! I'm crying.....
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i thought it was perfect too, storm.

giraffeee *fingers in ears* lalalalallalal (okay, going to watch the recording!)

i have a question for you folks. granted, this is most likely culturally specific and difficult to comment on, but you could try . yesterday i was woken up before 7 a.m. by the police, looking for the neighbour in a flat in my building. they asked me to describe him, if i knew his name, and if he had been living there recently. yes. they apologised for bothering me, and when i went back to my children (my partner is away) they hammered on his door for a good long time. he didn't answer. i saw him later. i spoke to the owner of my place, she spoke to the owner of his, she spoke to him...he said it was 'just a traffic offence'...really? have you heard of anyone after a man at the early hours regarding a traffic offence? you know, in london (no cultural difference, right ) his landlord didn't seem interested. i am very interested!!! because my children + i are alone here, especially!

so this morning, they didn't buzz me, but otherwise, same thing. i can see his car sitting there.

what would you do? anything? i'm finding it pretty unsettling!

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I don't know if they'd tell you anything, but I think I'd probably call the police and ask. Tell them you're not expecting to know specifics, but are concerned about whether he's a potential threat to your kids. Maybe they can at least tell you whether it was a traffic offence (which seems really unlikely to me, as well - unless maybe we're talking about a hit and run, particularly if it involved serious injury or a fatality), violent or whatever.
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artparent: I'd call. I doubt it's just a traffic offence, unless it's of the sort Storm Bride is talking about, or a drunk driving offence. How unsettling for you ...

ETA: They probably can't tell you anything unless there's a conviction involved, but I think you might feel better for trying. And if they do tell you, then you can act accordingly. Even if it is drunk driving, you can be extra careful when you see his car on the road. We have a neighbour who drives his car to the pub two blocks away and then home after closing time, drunk. His car is trashed, and whenever I see it, I make sure I've got extra wits about me in case I have to act fast, whether I'm on foot or in our car.
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I'd call Elisa. how unsettling, for sure. I would insist that you be told at the very least whether the individual is facing charges and for what. As the sole guardian for your children living in the same building does create a reasonability to know. Not specifics per se, but enough to potentially protect yourselves!

Can you pack for a little stay away if need be? I might also advise the landlord that this could potentially affect your comfort in living there, maybe that would stir up some motivation to become involved. I really don't like the "let's pretend it isn't happening" types. So annoying to try to get help from!

Keep us posted and try to keep your little folk comforted...do they understand what's going on?
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thanks mamas. i did get good news from my landlord, that he's moving out in 3 weeks . however if i hear the police banging again tomorrow (saturday!) i may come out and speak to them. my owner is bugging his, who tried to get more information from him but he was vague, apparently. if it was a traffic violation and that serious i would have thought they would have approached his car, but he's still driving and they haven't touched it. a little weird!! creepy. he's always been very nice to me, so i'm sorry about it, but i've got my mama bear on

eta no, they've no idea, i've managed to keep it under wraps because my tall one slept through it all. tricky to talk to my love about it, when they are around, we have resorted to email for most of it! he steers me round the culture, thank goodness. i will be very pleased when he is home.

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Wow, i would be concerned with something like that... but in all honetsy I wouldn't expect to hear anything at all from police. After all if he is not arrested than they do not actually know if he is involved in a crime. Hope this gets resolved quickly for you.

In the other news - I just bought a ring sling for my nearly 2yo, am I crazy?
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Not at all giraffee!

I have fond memories of carrying DS2 in mine on long lovely walks around the rural roads where we live, and nursing under trees, by the creek edges, etc. He loved the side carry until he was about 3! For many months after that, he still loved to cuddle to sleep inside of it, and sitting or laying in my lap, all covered up in blue-green tye-dye. He was in it from birth, hours after he was born actually, and really only outgrew it when he could finally race as fast as his older brother on foot.
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Giraffee- I use my ring sling with my 2.5 yo often! When we go for longer walks or walks close to bed/nap time she loves to be in a hip carry. Not crazy at all!
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Guess it depends on your kid, not sure that a ring sling would work with my 35+lb "little" girl, but she does still go in the maitei on my back, so I don't think that you're crazy either!
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Ring sling for toddlers ... wow!
I put my 20 lb 13 month in it the other day and walked only two blocks and felt it immediately in my sciatica! Am I doing something wrong? I have her in a back carry in the ergo several times everyday and it feels great!
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Yup, I still use a ring sling for Sarah, and she's 2.5yo. I find its great for up and downs and for when we have to do a thing in a store where Sarah will sure want to be down and not leave, eg. a toy store. I can pop her down and get out of there real quick with little protest.

As for the Sciatica, I think it depends what kind of carry you're used to, and therefore what muscle groups are better developed than others.

I can carry 26lb Sarah in a wrap with no problem but I can't do it in an Ergo anymore otherwise my sciatica acts up too. I think its just because with a wrap, I can get her higher up and closer to my body. I think I'm using more upper body muscles with a wrap and with the Ergo, I'm using more lumbar muscles.
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I have DD sitting on my hip in the sling and find no issues. Mind you she's not in there for hours, 30-40 min at the most. DH will still front carry her in the ergo...helps she's only 22-23 lbs
ETA: I found my ring sling to be really hard to use though and had to try many different positions for it not to hurt. There is only one position I can carry my 4 month old in and it has to be just right or else it hurts after 10 min. I have such a love/hate relationship with that thing...
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Yes, ring slings can be a learning curve, if you're not used to them and/or your child is big. That said, my Ds is a very big child and I was able to cinch the sling up so that it rode "high" and babe (toddler) was "high" too. That way, my back wasn't doing the work. If your back hurts, something is wrong, either with the type and size of sling or with the way you've got it adjusted. Also, be sure to keep the rings off of your shoulder, or that will cause discomfort, as they will dig in. The padding on their shoulder support pads is lovely!

I am 5'8" though, and so I got a sling sized to me and with a little longer tail so my 6'2" DH could use it too. We got ours from Heart 2 Heart in Canada...not sure if they're still around? I think so, but Google and you should find them. I loved oit though, and they are really good over the phone to help you size it. HTH!!!
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The only ring sling I ever was able to use comfortably was a Heart 2 Heart
It was my go to sling for 3 babes and toddlers
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Heart 2 Heart for me too
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Hope your ocean crossing was sweet, piglet!

Hope you are all settling in well into your new home and that things will begin to dry out for you this week!

Tell us how the expansiveness, discovery and exploration is feeling!!

Thinking of you all!
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