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Midwives and Medicaid in DFW?

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I am not pregnant with #2 yet, but it's looking more and more like I will end up being on Medicaid when we do. I talked to a friend yesterday who said the midwife group that practices out of Baylor All-Saints in downtown FW accepts medicaid, so if I end up having no other options I will go there (I've had friends deliver with this group, and they LOVED them).

However, my last birth was pretty fast for a first baby (9 hours from water breaking to baby, only 6 hours of that included contractions), and I am really leaning toward a home birth. Are there any home birth midwives in the DFW area that accept Medicaid? I live in Arlington if that makes a difference.
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As far as I could tell HB is not covered by Medicaid in TX.
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Check with Dinah Waranch at Lovers Lane Birth Center. I am pretty sure she takes Medicaid:

Also maybe the Allen Birthing Center:
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Thank you! I just did a search and there was a thread asking this same question about 2 years ago, and they also gave Dinah's name. I am unfortunately at least 40-50 miles from each place I've found so far, so I may e-mail Dinah and see if she knows of anyone further South.
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