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How to pass a fasting blood sugar test - Xposted

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Well next week I'm going in for a blood draw to test for suspected hypothyroidism. The doctor also put down for me to have a fasting blood sugar test. I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to get a 'good' result on that?

I have to fast from 12 midnight the night before and will be getting the blood draw at 9am the next morning. This is a fairly long time for me to fast as I'm pregnant and get very queasy if I don't eat first thing in the morning (and I sometimes wake up hungry in the middle of the night and grab a banana or something).

I really don't want to be labelled as having GD at this point, as I'm going to have enough of a struggle to get the HB I'm planning without any extra complications.

Would it help if I ate a big low GI meal at midnight? Or would it be better if I didn't eat for even longer than the 9 hour stretch? Will drinking water help? TIA
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Is there any way you can get your hands on a glucometer and start checking your own fasting levels at home? That might give you a better idea if you need to do anything to help you pass the test.

FWIW, almonds are supposed to help balance blood sugar. I have heard of women eating a small handful in the middle of the night to help lower their fasting blood sugar in the AM. I ate a bunch of them before my 1 hr. GTT to help me pass it.
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There's this little exercise that's been clinically proven to lower blood sugar in diabetics. I was diagnosed with GD my first pregnancy, then did this one in my second pregnancy and passed even the one hour.

A video:

Hope that helps!
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OK, I know there are some people who don't believe GD is a real disease... but as somebody whose had insulin-dependent GD for three pregnancies, it is...and it has real consequences if not managed (especially if your numbers are high enough to require insulin/glyburide/etc.)

I don't think your goal should be to "pass" the test, but to determine whether or not you really have it--because if you do (insulin-dependent GD), you're facing very real increased risk of stillbirth and early placental deterioration. (I'm not so concerned about macrosomia...as I honestly think that's over managed with c-sections too much of the time.)

It's great to want a home birth. And there are midwives who will attend you if you have diet-controlled GD, but probably not insulin-controlled. Still, the real goal should be a healthy baby and healthy mama--not giving birth at home, if that at all compromises those things.

Having said all that, eat a high protein, high fat breakfast before the test. Eat normally the night before... neither too low carb, nor too high. Choose low-glycemic load carbs if you can. Drink plenty of water. Walk during the test if you can.
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Thanks for the ideas mamas! Those links look interesting, though I'm possibly one of the world's most uncoordinated people - I'll definitely give it a shot but I'm quite likely to fall on my @ss!

umsami - I'm not trying to avoid a diagnosis of GD if I truly have it (though I think that true GD would show up despite any small measures such as these) but I am trying to avoid a misdiagnosis of GD which apparently is fairly easy to do and which would label me high-risk for the rest of my pregnancy. I already get the feeling that the NHS are looking for any reason to 'get out of' having to let me have a HB, so as far as possible I need to have a textbook pregnancy. Because I'm overweight I also feel that if I get back a test with borderline blood sugars the doc is more likely to look at me and decide to put me down as GD, whereas if I were slimmer with the same borderline results he'd be more likely to put it down as a fluke and give me the all-clear, KWIM?
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