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Originally Posted by missmich View Post
Single mamas who have or did live in a studio/one room apartment,do you have pictures?

I'm looking into moving to something cheaper and it will probably be to a studio one room apartment. I really want to have a well defined sleeping area for me and baby from the rest of the living area. I hate when people think my bed is a couch. Baby will probably have a crib as well.
My daughter and I lived in a one bedroom apartment from the time she was 1-2.5. It was not hard to do at all. I never once felt like I had to do anything special because of the amount of space. It was around 600 sq. ft. Even at that age, she really didn't need much room. I had a couple of drawers under the bed with toys in them. Her clothes were in an armoire. She didn't have anything else, but we didn't need anything else.

You probably don't need a crib you know. Just co-sleep, that will save a lot of space!

Here are the only pictures I can find of the old place:
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Gosh, i have loved living in my one bedroom (really a studio) with my babes. Life is so much easier, less to clean, children are always in sight, no bedtime issues (we all go to sleep together)
My only wish is that we have a larger studio. Not more rooms, but definitely more room.

I honestly believe that many parenting dilemmas these days stem from too much space.

Anyway, just my experience.

I love being a single mom with 2kids in a studio, love it. I love being surrounded by their toys, (and my toys).

I'd like more space to have visitors and playspace, and for kids to run around tho...
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I've lived in a one bedroom since my son was 2yo, he is now 5. It is a large 3 room apartment.
I am grateful that I didn't cave to the pressure of family/friends who said my son needed his own space/room.
I think the concept of children needing space or their own bedroom is more for older kids. These past 3 years have we have never felt like we needed more space. It has been inexpensive and less to clean!

Futons, bunk beds, trundle beds, murphy beds are all useful solutions if you ever want to change the sleeping arrangement.
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depends on the other rooms in the house and the layout. If it's a one bedroom with a basement or bonus space... then you could likely end up with as much space as you need/want.
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I'm about to move back into one... I'm a bit worried. I currently live in a huge two bedroom duplex, but don't use the other room... My son sleeps with me. I will be getting a king size bed in my new place in another week. I worry because, it's small and he doesn't have a lot of room to race around in... His daycare granny lives in a HUGE house, though.

It's best for right now, since I pay for daycare, the heating bill in the duplex is a bit much and I don't want to alternate months taking care of the lawn and shoveling in the winter with the owner who does not work..
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Oh man, I lived in a one bedroom with my baby and my ex. It sucked but, you have to make do, make the best out of it!
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I live in a one bedroom apartment with my 2 babes. my girl is 7 and boy is 4. It works for us because they are with their dad half the time, and they sleep alone there, so don't mind having less space at moms because they at least get to cuddle with me all night.

I know this won't work after a few more years, but really can't afford anything bigger now....and like others have said, I enjoy the closeness and low maintenance of a smaller place.
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I used to live in a one bedroom apartment with my child, and it worked out well. It was all about organization and making a space for everything. And we spent a lot of time doing things outside of our living space. We eventually outgrew the spaces after a few years, but, in all fairness, they were small, one bedroom apartments. I think it's totally doable.
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To all the mamas who've experienced this living situation, at what age would you say you or your LO "outgrew" the arrangement? DD would be 3 when I would be moving into my own place...wondering if that's the age where having one's own bedroom would be nice...
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I just moved into a sort-of one bedroom-- there are 2 bedrooms, but no living room, so I think it counts!

My teen has the (very) small bedroom to himself. My preschooler and I co-sleep in the bigger room, which we also use as our "living room." The kitchen also has enough room for an armchair and a child-sized table. We eat on stools right at the kitchen counter.

I decluttered and downsized a lot of our stuff before the move, so the apartment feels more cozy than cramped-- usually! I do love having so little to clean.

I really like the place, so maybe we'll stay until my teen is in college (3 or 4 years). I'm not sure how to shift things if/when my little one decides he doesn't want Mommy as a roommate, though.
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Wow, the info here is supporting my theory. I'm downsizing from a 2bed townhouse to a one bedroom apt. My daughter is six and I feel this will be an easy transition.I do have 2 questions, 1)I'm considering a bunk bed for the little one to go over my fullsize. 2) my goal is to save enough to buy a few hud townhomes and have my family live together (brothers and their families, mom and grandma) has anyone else tried doing either and how did it work out?
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Double post
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Originally Posted by Devaya View Post

I'm struggling to make a decision here about accommodation and could do with some first hand experience from other single mamas. Basically I've been trying to find a two bedroom with a garden and they are just few and far between in my area. Having a garden is not something I'm prepared to compromise on. And the few 2 beds with gardens that there are, are more often than not priced out of my range. I've been looking for months now. So..i'm starting to consider a one bedroom b/c weirdly enough, there are lots more available in the areas I'd like to live (near friends, support networks, bus routes etc), and many have gardens or at least a patio area. Plus of course, cheaper. But I'm hesitant: at the moment DS (28 months) sleeps with me and nurses at night, but that won't be forever, and I'm worried about feeling claustrophobic after a while. We've moved so much from friend to friend the last few months since we've been homeless, that I just can't face moving again soon after this 'permanent' move. Is it unrealistic to live in a one bedroom reasonably long term with my son?

Originally Posted by Halfasianmomma View Post

To all the mamas who've experienced this living situation, at what age would you say you or your LO "outgrew" the arrangement? DD would be 3 when I would be moving into my own place...wondering if that's the age where having one's own bedroom would be nice...

I know this is an old thread but how did it work out for you two?

I'll be getting my own place when DS and DD are about 2 and 4 years old. I'm debating on whether I should rent a 1 bedroom and save as much as I can or buy a 2 or 3 bedroom.
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I have known people that put the kids in the one bedroom and sleep on a day bed or sofa bed in the living room. I think that would work just fine if you are not co sleeping.
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when i searched around for a place, i couldn't find a two bedroom in my price range that i liked.  i ended up finding a one bedroom place that had a space large enough to be divided into two rooms with the magic of drywall.  smile.gif  that said, we had lived without the drywall for about two years.  needless to say, i didn't have an exciting private life, if you get my drift  winky.gif, so it suited us fine.  i decided to pull the wall up only after she was comfortable there and i felt like it was time.  good luck in your search.

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I just moved into a 1 bedroom walkup with my 5 year old and 3 cats a couple months ago after living with family for several months...And let me tell you it has been heaven..I made the bedroom into L's bedroom with a full size bed...I sleep in there with her most nights although I have a Futon in the living room that we sometimes just fall asleep on also..While the bedroom itself is hers, the closet is mine...It is a bigger long closet..It has the Hot Water Heater in it so I don't want her in there..I have my dresser on the farthest wall away from the heater and use the shelves above for storage(totes with clothes ect..) She(nor anyone else) is allowed in there and I have those child saftey knobs on there as a precausion..She has a dresser in the bedroom,shelves ect...for all her toys and books and clothes...I have a large hall closet that I hang her dresses in and for shoe/coat storage ect...My apartment is also 3 large rooms...Plus a walkin closet in the hall and one in the bedroom..Right now it works...We are cozy..Easy to keep clean and even my cats are comfy..I don't have a washer/dryer in the apt..but down the hallway the owner did put in a set for the tenents($1 to wash and $1 to dry)..Beats carrying to the laundry mat with all these steps..And that is really my only complaint for this apartment..It is on a very high second floor building..Lots of steps..I wish he would put in an elevator but the excercise is nice except in the middle of winter or when I have to carry tons of bags and stuff up them...Also I wish it also had a patio so I could have my box garden/hanging vegetable/fruit plants but it doesn't and I was getting desperate and this is what I could afford and the apartment really is beautiful and well maintained...So I guess I had to give a little to get a lot...Plus being right in town we are next to 3 parks,riverfront and the local library..So we really do have a lot of pluses...I hope it is working out for you...We are pretty happy in ours and have no plans of moving right away..having to live on someone else's couch for a few months make you appreciate you own little piece of Heaven a bit more....lol Oh and another plus for me was I also get free WiFi which I wouldn't be able to afford right now if I lived anywhere else...And with my budget being so low until I go fulltime this is a  bonus for me...I need a little interaction with the net world for my own sanity...LO :)

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Right now, a one bedroom (one thing to consider, if your son's father makes a big deal, it may have an impact on custody, as in he gets custody) will work if the laws in your state allow it that is.  But it won't work forever. When I lived in a house (stupid me tried to keep a house that I couldn't afford), it had 3 bedrooms.  The kids had their own rooms.  Which they didn't sleep in.  At all.  Of course, they were younger.  When I lost the house and moved to a smaller 2 bedroom apt, I put them in one room and I had a room to myself.  I got them a bunk bed (twin over full) and would go in and lay down with the youngest at bedtime.  They are now 11 and 13 and don't sleep with me anymore.  My 13 year old son is too old and I am just not comfortable with it.  And both of them prefer to sleep by themselves now anyway. 


Now on to the part of your post about your refusal to compromise, reality is that you may not be able to find a 2 bedroom apt (which you may have no choice if your ex makes a stink about a one bedroom) with a garden that you can afford.  Refusing to compromise isn't going to change that.  You can grow a garden in pots if you want.  It may not be the same as using the ground, but it's better than nothing.  And while you are living in this place that you can afford, work on being able to get into a position that you can afford what you would prefer. 

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^^^^This thread is 3 years old. I'm sure the OP has long since made this decision.

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Originally Posted by erigeron View Post

^^^^This thread is 3 years old. I'm sure the OP has long since made this decision.



Yes but I'm sure it would help others. I lived in a 450 sq ft 1 bedroom with my 6 yr old and infant when we moved into a 2 bedroom. Now we have moved across the country and I'm staying with my parents while I look for work and going INSANE. I'm honestly considering a studio or 1 bedroom for the 3 of us because I can't find anything I can afford. We've gotten really good at organizing cramped tiny spaces so I think we will be fine in a studio or 1 bedroom, all I ask for is a gas stove, working oven and a decent sized kitchen. Everything else is negotiable lol:)

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Satori...I hear you with living with relatives..Doesn't work for everyone and didn't work for me...I am thinking of another baby soon and we will still be comfortable living in this 1 bedroom apartment with me,my almost 6 year old and an infant...I say go for it... :) I happy in my 1 bedroom apartment and so is my L and my 3 cats...We have plenty of room for one more...

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