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Question about A Beka curriculum for preschool

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I am loking at preschools/daycare for dd (3.5) and I found one I really like. I haven't been to a site visit yet but it's a block from my mothers house and I always see the kids having lots of fun outside. I spoke with the director today and she sent me some information. The price is right and they are listed as having an A Beka curriculum.

I've been doing some searching and reading through old threads and it seems like this is a christian affiliated program. I was wondering how much, if any, religion was brought into the classroom (prayer, jesus mentioned in books, etc). DP and I are very non-religious and would not want anything 'pushed' onto DD. We would like her to explore her own religious interests when she is ready.

I know after the school time, you can opt for either a bible-study class or yoga so it seems like they are trying to meet the interests of all parties but I'm still not sure how they go about doing this using a christian curriculum. I have spoken with a few people who children have went there and hear nothing but good things. Please help clear this up so we can decide whether or not to send her there.

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The arts and crafts have things like Baby Moses in a Basket. The songs are generally Bible based nursery songs, etc. If you're really non-relgious, I don't think this is a place you'd be happy at.

I hope you can find something that fits your daughter!

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You might want to also inquire in the Learning at Home forum. Lots of Christian homeschoolers use that curriculum. I know my sister was very happy with it for her children. She is a very conservative Christian so I would guess that the biblical pieces are pretty strong in the curriculum.
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It's extremely religious and very conservative. And VERY academic for preschoolers. We're Christian, so I could appreciate that aspect, but wish I had NEVER sent my children to an A Beka preschool. DS started bringing homework home in K4, and crying that his teacher said his handwriting was unacceptable (at four!) and that was it for me.
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It really depends on how the teachers use the curriculum. Its very academically advanced, and many public charter schools accept Abeka worksheets from homeschooling parents as long as that particular work sheet doesn't have any religious references on it. In other words, not every page in the workbook has religious references on it.
The question is really how the curriculum is used and if you want an academic vs. play-based preschool. A Beka is not a play-based curriculum- it is a traditional school based method. I would talk to the director and find out if the teachers follow very closely to every suggestion in the curriculum - if so, your child will be getting a very Christian education.
However, if the teacher doesn't depend solely on A Beka and if the teacher only rips out the workbook pages or does the generic reading and math activities - AND you want an academic style preschool- then I don't see any problems.
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I went to a Christian school from 4th-8th grade and they use A Beka books. I will say it's very, very religious! The math story problems are from Bible times, or somehow involving Christian theme stuff. Reading and writing are the same, and of course Science is taught only from a Christian perspective. I believe I actually remember our 7th grade book having a whole chapter on the big bang theory, and why those people are "crazy" without openly saying it.

Maybe it was the way it was taught, but seriously.... it was very pushy (and I grew up in a Christian home obviously...probably a part of why I pushed away from religion so much!)

As far as the curriculum being more advanced, I will agree with this. When I made the transition from 8th to 9th grade, I was doing the stuff I did in 7th grade at the Christian school.

I don't think it will be too much of a problem in preschool...but then again, the crafts, stories, and lessons your child will learn will be Christian based.

I wouldn't use A Beka with my own children (and we are a "Christian" family)
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I remember one of the VPK programs we looked at for DS1 used A Beka. As a Muslim, honestly, the religious stuff didn't bother me as much as it seemed too academic/worksheet for the age. The program we were at was basically 3 hours... and it was all scheduled doing A Beka stuff... no play time. So those things bothered me more than the actual curriculum.

They did have samples of the books to look at, though. So I'm sure you could ask to see them.
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