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For those of you that like SOS and Pinhead Diapers ...

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Have any of you tried these http://www.MuttaQinBaby.com/

They look very similar. I don't use OS dipes but thought I'd pass this link on, incase any of you guys wanted to try one. They look pretty nice.
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Oooo... those look nice. I mean, as much as you can tell from a picture they look really nice. As soon as I gain some paypal I will have to try one!
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I like the 3 snap rows... kind of like Many Ducks one size dipes. The wings look like they would fold up though if your baby had fat thighs. I am confused about how to snap them for the rise adjustments... her pics go over the words!

They seem like they would work pretty well though.
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OT - but does anyone know what that says near the logo?
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They look really nice. Someone needs to buy one and
then write a review

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In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

I believe
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yes thats it -- In the Name of Allah(God), the Most Gracious, the Most-Merciful

and muttaqin means 'righteous ones'

very cute!
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I just ordered a dipe (I've got to stay away from this board!) and got a message saying that she is offering free shipping right now...
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I got suckered into buying one, too. Ah, well. I have trouble feeling guilty for buying one size diapers. We should get a LOT of use out of our one size diapers.
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I was about to buy the posie one but we had to run to the store so I bookmarked it and I get home and go back and almost everything is gone!!! :LOL I settled for a flannel one even though I don't like flannel. :
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I looked very hard at these and the fold down panel is interesting but the wings look huge.. I'm not willing to buy until I can have someone compare the wings for me to an SOS or Pinhead.. perhaps I should email the WAHM for wing width measurements?

And you are too silly to buy flannel when you hate flannel!
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Originally posted by lifetapestry
I can't imagine the Middle Eastern grocery store that I frequent hanging a sign over the cash register with the same quote that was on the website that started this thread.
Oh, heck - as long as we are TOTALLY of topic. I'm not sure why you have a hard time imagining it, b/c I've seen it many a time. And pictures of the baba in the Indian grocery. Not to mention pictures of the Rebbe or the "na-nach-nachman m'uman" quotes in stores owned by some Chasidim....

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Wait a minute...this thread was 4 pages long just a second ago.
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This thread has been copied to the WAHM Well and the original discussion, in its entirety, is in the thread there. Most posts in this copy of the thread have been removed as they are more appropriate for discussion in the WAHM Well. Please continue the discussion of the product on this thread. Link to WAHM Well thread: http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...hreadid=120647
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