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I'm New Hello!

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Just wanted to say hi to everyone here. I joined after dealing with PPD after the birth of my second child Wayde. It was a hard time for both him and I and I wish I had the support of a message board like this at that time.

I am excited to help new mothers with my advice, please feel free to private message me if you wanted to talk privately.

- Mary
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RE: I'm New Hello!


Hi! I just found this thread while looking around for different mommy communities. I am due any day now with baby #1. I am really worried about experiencing PPD. I have always struggled with depression/anxiety and it has gotten really bad during the past few weeks. The past nine months have been full of stress as well - I was in a serious car accident, lost my job, had H1N1 and Pneumonia which brought on a week in the hospital, and moved. I'm not trying to throw a pity party, but I just know that I'm in that "high risk" category for PPD. I am so glad there is a group here where I can talk about this sort of thing. I sometimes feel like I don't have any support around here. My boyfriend is great, but he doesn't get the mental illness thing. He wants there to be a specific cause and cure for everything and that just isn't always the case. Well, thanks for listening!

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Hi Emilie,
I had depression while I was pregnant and then it hit me even harder after I gave birth to my ds. One thing to keep in mind, is that it will improve. I felt like my sadness, frustration and overall hopelessness were NEVER going to fade, but at about 8 weeks postpartum everything started to turn around. During those early weeks nobody could convince me that life was worth living...I hardly wanted to be with my baby and on and on, BUT, my sweet dh helped me through it and it was really just a matter of taking one day at a time and having plenty of people to vent to. It was such a relief when eventually I realized it was just hormones raging all that time and they did calm down and I felt like a different woman after 8 weeks. I am now happier than I have been in my whole life and love being a mom! I hope this provides some hope for what may seem like an unbearable time. It gets better!!!
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