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This DDC is closing

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This DDC is closing.

We wish you all the best and hope you'll continue to find support and friendship on MotheringDotCommunity

This Due Date Club will be archived and closed to posting in 48 hours. You will still be able to access the pages and reminisce about your pregnancies and births , but you will no longer be able to post to the forum.

Love, health and happiness to you and your growing families.


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I am so sad to see this closeing that means our babies are getting so big now!!!! Thank you all so much for going through this journey with me with so much support I am happy that we all can stay in touch through our facebook group so we can still be a support for one another one month from today a year ago I will have found out I was having my baby glenn we were so scared and worried and now look at us so happy and in love with our little boy ( I waited two weeks to take the HPT ) I remember my I guess I belong here now thread! much love to all of you and again I am so happy we have our group to continue on in I am also sure we all will see each other in LWB forum!!! The new november babies are coming!!!!!!!
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whoa...the November 2010 ddc is up!
I just got hit with a twinge of nostalgia...it was like yesterday I was tentativally posting in it that I had a supe faint line!
And now, there's a 14.5 lb little girl fast asleep in a meitei on me!!!
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hope to see some on the facebook group. for those who do not join, i wish you all the best of luck with your little ones.

very sad this is closing though.

bye everyone.
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Wow, it does seem like yesterday but the facebook group is great!

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It is so wonderful that we all are moving on to the next stages with our babes and so fun to remember our pregnant time together!
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Another for the facebook page but about this closing!
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