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god bless co-sleeping!

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ds just threw up for the first time ever (cause unknown, no tummy aches he says, no fever or anything) he woke up gagging but luckily I heard him start to cough and sort of heave while on his back so I turned him over grabbed a throw blanket near by to catch it and rubbed his back and was able to be right there during the traumatic first vomit experience. He fell asleep a few minutes later, hope it was just a freak incident and isn't a stomach flu I don't think I could handle him being so miserable.
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Oh no! I hope he feels better. I remember when my daughter had a stomach bug and would wake up and puke all over us in bed! I think I changed the sheets about 10 times that night. Not fun, but glad I could be there to make sure she was okay
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Awe bummer! I hope everyone's feeling much better now - and definitely hoping it's NOT the stomach flu. The first throw-up experience is always the most traumatic . Just glad to hear that you were there for your LO .
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I vowed never to have a dc sleep in another room when I heard my aunt being upset about waking up in the morning to find her 4-5 month old daughter just covered in vomit.

Cosleeping does take a load of worry off your mind.
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We had a similar experience last night, though I think our cause was overeating as he was nursing from 7pm on. I was glad he was right beside me because he was choking and gasping. Of course, he then thanked me by managing to spit up straight into the air about two feet over my head. Oh yes, I liked my shower this morning.
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Thanks ya'll. Luckily it was an isolated incident but I got no sleep at all watching him waiting for it to happen again! Maybe he ate too much close to bed time.
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the first time that happened to me DD looked up at me with big eyes and said "Mommy, that was a bad burp!" promptly laid back on the clean area and went to sleep. It had happend, she'd communicated it to me and felt like she could sleep on that. She's so rad.
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Poor little guy, glad you were there!
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